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When I was invited to attend the launch of Fjord Trout, a ‘new kind’ of fish, I hoped that Michelin starred chef Daniel Galmiche would be able to inspire me to cook more fish.  For whatever reason it isn’t something I tend to buy very often – I’m not sure exactly why.  Phill and I both like fish and recently Beth even suggested that she may become pescatarian  :-S in which case I shall have to vastly expand my fishy repertoire!

Fjord trout

We introduced solids to Dottie about 2 months ago, but as she’s still being breastfed, she had to come along as my noisy, dribbly, wriggly adorable guest.   Honestly I felt terrible as she shouted ‘hiya, hiya’ to anyone who would listen to her, when they were supposed to be listening to the launch information.  Luckily everyone was really understanding and even let her sample some of the trout for herself.

Dottie eating Fjord trout

It kept her quiet long enough for me to learn a thing or two about Fjord Trout.

Daniel Galmiche Fjord trout

Here’s the most important things you’ll want to know about this ‘new fish’:

  • It’s high in Omega 3
  • It stores fat in it’s tummy, so fillets are low in fat
  • It’s pink!
  • It doesn’t fall apart when cooked
  • It tastes fantastic raw or cooked or cured
  • It’s a sustainable food
  • It’s new to the UK

Known as the jewel of the Norwegian fjords, Fjord Trout is farmed where seawater meets fresh meltwater from the glaciers and snow.  Sounds beautiful doesn’t it but if you’re anything like me, you probably hear the word ‘farmed’ and turn your nose up a little.  Fear not, Fjord Trout are farmed in a way that can only be described as gentle.   The trout are allowed masses of room, though they prefer to huddle together, their water is impeccably clean and their food strictly monitored.  This results in extremely high quality fish that’s already causing a stir amongst chefs and because it’s farmed, it’s sustainable.

*hors-douvres-fjord-troutWhen I was handed my first stunning hors d’oeuvres, I fully expected the fish to taste like salmon.  Silly really because I’ve had trout many times, but the colour is so similar it was difficult not to.   The taste is very different.  It actually tastes a little nutty and really lent itself to all the different flavour combinations.

Fjord trout with almonds

Daniel cooked some beautiful trout fillets with almonds, further accentuating the nutty flavour.  He also explained how to cure the fish, cook it on a barbeque and even how it could be used for sushi.  He made a fan out of me and it seems, my rowdy guest!

*daniel-galmiche-and-dottie norge fjord trout

I’m going to be trying out some of Daniel’s delicious recipes over the next few weeks.  They’ll be perfect for when we have guests over Christmas so I want to get them just right.

What’s your favourite way to eat fish?

Love Rachel


* Images marked with an * were taken by Bread and Butter for Norje Seafood


Be a social butterfly...