Be a social butterfly...

Imagine a World where every little girl owned at least one pretty dress….imagine if that dress were made by you?

That is the ‘call to arms’ sent by Hope for Kids International to anyone able to use a needle and thread!

I stumbled across this campaign whilst reading a friend’s Blog; she had just seen a video of a little girl wearing the dress that she had made and was incredibly moved.

I like to consider myself a charitable person, I donate money, I take my old clothes to Save the Children and I am the first to don an apron for a bake sale; but this campaign really got me thinking.

We send clothes, money, food, medicine, to those less fortunate than ourselves, but what about self esteem?  Wouldn’t it be lovely to give a girl, a dress (however simple): a really pretty, hand made dress that had only ever belonged to her!?  What a treat to feel so special and wouldn’t she deserve it; don’t all little girls deserve it?

My plan is to make a dress or maybe two and find other people who would like to join in.   Bethany wants to make one aswell and I think it would be a fantastic opportunity to pass on some time honoured skills and spend some time teaching her about helping others and not taking things for granted.  It will be nice to teach her about giving something which is not old or surplus; something which is unique, beautiful and so special.

We plan to send a little card with our dresses and a photograph of ourselves, so that the recipient knows that although we may never meet, someone far away spent time thinking about them and making them something really special.

Their website  features alot of information about groups across the pond, but here in the Uk, the lovely Louise seems to be doing a remarkable job of drumming up support!!

The dresses are not complicated in design which is why they would be a lovely project for people of all sewing experience.  There are patterns provided if needed.

If you would like to get involved, please let me know.  If a few people are interested, i will organise a mass sewing day; either at our house or if numbers require (fingers crossed) at another venue.

I hope you will be as moved by this campaign as I was.






Be a social butterfly...