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It’s finally here!!

Since I was ever so kindly asked to host an Eclectic Eccentricity give away, I have been itching to tell you what my prize is.

I have left clues herehere and here.  Can you spot them??

I am number 11 of 12 fabulous bloggers who have been helping Eclectic Eccentricity spread a little festive cheer this December and here is the beautiful piece that you could win…

As worn by the likes of Eliza Dolittle and yours truly, this little treasure, named ‘Like Peas in a Pod’ is my favourite Eclectic Eccentricity piece!

Would you like to know how you might win??

To have a chance of winning this adorable necklace,

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  3. Comment on this post telling me who, well known or not, is so similar to you that you are ‘like peas in a pod’??  (Don’t forget to say how you are similar!)

I have decided to open the competition to Worldwide entries as I have quite a few readers who do not live in Blighty!!  The competition will close on Friday 16th December at 11.59pm and the winner will be announced on Saturday 17th December.  Please see below for the house rules.

Competition Rules of Entry

1) The winner of each competition will be drawn at random from all the correct entries received.

2) Only one entry per person per blog.

3) Offer is open Worldwide.

4) No cash alternative available.

5) Prize is non returnable and non exchangeable.

6) Judges decision is final.

7) Entrants details will be used for the sole purpose of forwarding your prize should you win.

8) All queries regarding the competition should be sent to


If you would like to read my first ever blogger interview, click here

Good luck everyone!!


Vintage Folly

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Be a social butterfly...

  • Jennifer Ann

    I have fallen in LOVE with Eclectric Eccentricity Jewellery….AmazzzingBELLS…!!! The peas in a pod necklace is laavely….and i can see it round my neck ;)……….ME and my MOTHER are two peas in pod….inheriting all her traits as iv grown up….the best one yet….today she informs me she’s got a tattoo on her back…..followed by dont tell your dad–he will hit the roof……i replied look at my tattoo….dont tell dad..haha…i know where i get my rebel side from…!!! xxx

    • This actually made me lol! Your Mum sounds awesome. What on Earth is her tatoo!?
      Good luck!

  • Lucy Knowles

    Me and my best friend molly baldock are like two peas in a pod 🙂 we love all the same music, all the same shows, and wear similar clothes. We are so similar that one year we actaully bought each other the same christmas present without knowing!! 😀

  • Sid

    Ah EE jewellery and this blog just made my day! LOVE!

    My friend Clare and I are like two peas in a pod. There is so much about us that’s the same but there’s also a lot that’s different. The best part about us is that we get each other the way other people can’t- that’s the biggest reason we are like ‘two peas in a pod’! Also we have a hilarious habit of shopping separately but buying the same clothes (thankfully in different colours!) without knowing it. We have worn the same outfit without planning it on more than one occassion! 🙂

    • Glad we made your day Sid!
      My best friend and I have also suffered from matching outfits far too many times to count, it’s so funny.
      Good luck!

  • Lizmoran_mohill

    Well actually , I already said who was like me the other day … U madam are more like me than u know !!! We always commit to too much , but manage to get it done somehow . Like a lot of the same stuff , have the same values and the same ideas of parenting and both love tea and cake !!!

  • laura hampson

    I think I could be peas in a pod with Victor Meldrew, I love a good moan and can often find myself in the midst of a mishap… Except I have a bit more hair than Victor 😉

    • Victor Meldrew?! That’s fantastic!
      I was feeling a little ‘grumpy old man’ the other day too – nothing a mince pie and a cup of tea couldn’t solve (thought a nice glass of wine solved it quicker!).
      Good luck!

      • :-O I’ve just realised that my reply sounds a bit rude!! No grumpy old men were harmed I promise lol

  • Kat_saul

    im not like anyone, im unique!….in fact me and a jar of marmite are like two peas in a pod!…on the outside, like the jar, im hard and rotund, on the inside, like its contents, im all squishy and gooey, and you either love me or hate me….but mostly love moi! lol xxx

  • Elizabethquah

    Hi Rachel! Ahhh… I like the reference to the Princess and the Pea hehehe! Most of the time I feel lonely and lost, and I wished I had a twin sibling. I don’t even know if I have friends, although I know they care for me. I guess I’m alike to a pea. There is someone who’s similar to me, but sometimes I can’t feel that it is so. Or a mimosa, because I shut myself in when people attempt to come close to me. I like Eclector Eccentricity and Vintagefolly on Facebook.
    FB: Beth Quah SooJing

    • Elizabethquah

      I’m sorry for the typing error:) I should say Eclectic Eccentricity!

    • Aww Beth that’s a shame that you don’t let people in but good to be strong enough to be an individual.
      Good luck!

  • PhillPal

    Unfortunately as your fiancé I understand if I can’t win, however you my dear are my sweetpea. I love you baby and our family is amazing. I’m really proud of your blog and Bethany and I wish you all the luck.

    Good luck to everyone. X

    • Actually sweetheart you could enter as the winner will be drawn at random, although as we know, green really isn’t your colour ;-P

  • Molly Holleran

    When I got to college I became friends with a guy who will remain nameless. We are just friends, but we very shortly discovered that we have the same sense of humor, know most of the same random trivia, and dress as the male and female versions of each other. Our mutual friends refer to me as his clone or reincarnation, and sometimes refer to me by the female version of his name.

  • Loupeelu

    Without going too far into it, even after knowing each other for over 15 years, I still think the world of my best friend Claire. Especially when she agreed to dress up as pikachu with me at this years kendal calling. We really were 2 picachu’s in a pod!

    • I’m fearful that I may never rid my mind of the thought of two grown women dressed as pikachu!! haha
      Good luck!

  • Jenny

    my partner is my peas to my pod, been friends since a young age and still have an amazing bond we love most the same things, and have loved being brill parents together and just generally being with him x

  • Lmjackson

    Well, who am I similar too? Most definitly, my dad is the funniest and can talk for England…or Ireland so I’m just like him. And my crazy friend Michelle of course with ideas for mad nights out!! Post mid-life crisis, I would have to say that there really is no-one like me though…I truly am c.r.a.z.y and legally brunette with blonde highlights!!!!!

  • I’m peas in a pod with one of my best friends Deborah… we like the same things – paper-crafting, good books, shopping, yummy coffees, quirky jewellery (appropriate!) We randomly find out we like similar things even after knowing each other years. Her Xmas present to me was steampunk themed, and she didn’t even know my novel-in-progress is roughly in the steampunk genre. It’s spooky sometimes!

  • Cvet Lana

    ‘Like Peas in a Pod’ I can think of few known celebrities that can be compared to me, from Lauryn Hill to Erykah badu & now Solange Knowles with all of them we bare one thing in common ‘individuality’ I like looking different from the bunch.
    … But the most who I can truly say to be my Pea in a Pod has to be Cathy, my special friend, the sister I never had, we both LOVE vintage shopping, CARDIGANS, SHOPPING and we both Love ‘ COCKTAILS’ we don’t like clubbing or clubs that have restriction on what you can wear. To be honest we don’t really own most of the things required to enter most of this ‘new’ clubs.. We love dressing up. Swapping clothing. & We are both inspired by the 1920s-1980’s fashion and style …We love old time music & vintage all the way….
    She’s my other half and as much as we both like the same thing we still stand out individually…

    • Oh Cvet Lana, this entry was posted after midnight and so probably shouldn’t be counted but as I didn’t specify GMT I’m going to make the executive decision to include it!
      You and Cathy sound like you could be my peas in the pod too!!
      Good luck!!

  • Brandi Dailey

    You it seems…heehee <3

    • Brandi Dailey

      forgot to mention why LOL *smacks forehead* On the younger side, wont mention how, born in the wrong era, love of vintage and if you were across the pond (always wanted to say that) I’d have you over for tea and fairy cakes any day 😉