Be a social butterfly...

If you follow this blog on Twitter or Facebook, you’ll be aware that my Husband Phill was assaulted almost two weeks ago.  He has gone through some pretty stomach churning surgery and it’s been a horrendous time for all three of us, but our family and friends and everyone in the online community have been incredible; we honestly didn’t realise that we were so loved.

rachel palmer and phillip palmer


My lovely man is on the mend. He’s out and about, eating lumpy food as opposed to just mush and his ventriloquist act is coming on famously 

In short, my best friend is on his way back xx

As you can probably imagine, I have an awful lot more that I’d like to say on this subject and I will, just as soon as I’m allowed lol.  At the moment I can’t go into detail because I might open my big mouth and say something I’m not supposed to for legal reasons.

Love Rachel



Be a social butterfly...