Be a social butterfly...

After the Louvre our feet were hurting….

….really hurting!  Hurting so much that they prompted this face from Beth 🙁

All Mums know that the best cure for a sad face is a funny face!!

So where shall we go now?  Phill took the opportunity to teach Beth about maps and directions and we decided to head for the Eiffel Tower.

But there were so many things to distract us along the way!

Although we were excited to see the Eiffel Tower, it would be rude not to join the locals on the green metal chairs at Tuileries Garden and partake in an ice-cream!

Some of us got more ice-cream around our mouths than we managed to eat!!

Some of us decided to get some shut-eye….but not for long!

Can’t take hime anywhere!!  ;-P

Time to carry on with our wonderful day!

Even in paris I can’t help but photograph flowers!

Finally we were there!

What a sight!  Sadly the lifts were out of order and with the tears we’d had over sore feet, we decided against climbing the stairs!!  Just another reason why we will have to visit Paris again, no?


It was dark by the time we arrived back at our hotel in Gard du Lyon.

Dark and most definitely time for dinner!   So we visited a nearby restaurant which had been recommended by a local (always a good sign).  Entrees des Vignes, did not disappoint!    Even Beth was excited to try her authentic French dish!

We were soon joined by the restaurant owner who took great pleasure in getting us drunk 🙂 and debating the divides between our two cultures. :-S  But he gave me a cake recipe so, all is well!!!

It was definitely time for bed after all that, with adventures in Disney to look forward to!

Love Rachel



Be a social butterfly...