Be a social butterfly...

As regular readers will know, we have just moved house.  Our old house had a number of very large mature gardens and although we loved them, we couldn’t really do anything to stamp our own personality on them.  In fact, as the majority of the plants were trees and large bushes, there was very little we could do full-stop.  We often had birds in the garden, found frogs in our (tiny) pond and lost count of how many species of butterflies we encountered.

Our new home is very different.  We live in a newly built estate in a semi-rural area.  This means that although we see tractors and cows on our way home from school, we have as yet seen very few ‘creatures in our back garden.

That is all about to change!  The bottom left hand corner of our garden is rather shady and has been claimed by Beth!  This corner is to be her wild-life area.  She was so excited to begin work that 5 minutes after arriving home, I looked outside to see her digging….in her school uniform….with no shoes on!

I found a fantastic guide to creating a wildlife area, but collecting all the parts may take us a few days.  For now, we have a bird feeder,  a bird bath (which I’m told has been placed on the floor for insects rather than birds as the birds never seem to use it) and lots of terracotta pots, sticks, leaves and stones.

Humble beginnings I know but you never know, perhaps one day we will produce something like this!!!!!

Well…..maybe not quite like that :-S Either way, i’m glad we are doing our bit for local wildlife.

The garden still looks fairly bare but the odd flower is peeping through now, so hopefully it won’t be long until we are visited by all things creepy crawly (probably just in time for Beth to remember that she doesn’t like insects!).

Hope you’re enjoying the sunshine as much as we are.

Love Rachel


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Be a social butterfly...