Be a social butterfly...

About two years ago I had a bright idea.  I was going to buy a caravan.  I planned to decorate it exquisitely, using it as a den, a guest room and summerhouse whilst it was parked and a little bit of retro luxury when we took it on adventures.

This is what the idea looked like in my head…..

I found some for sale; run down, almost shell like offerings for less than 100 pounds and for a few days I became obsessed!

Phill just laughed.  “I am not dragging a caravan around” he said, “where would we store it?” he said, “anything that cheap will be knackered” he said.

This is what the idea looked like in his head…

After a couple of days I realised that Phill was right in some ways.  In all honesty most of the specimens I had been considering would have needed ALOT of work and work that I didn’t even know where to begin with.  Our neighbours would literally have come after us with pitch forks if we dared to park a caravan anywhere near our home and frankly without his support on the ‘caravan holiday’ idea, it was a non-starter.  So I put it to bed.

Imagine then my surprise when Phill suggests that we look at buying a caravan!!??

Immediately my thoughts turn to this….

But Phill isn’t imagining us touring the country with our trusty caravan, Gypsy (that’s what it would have been called) behind us, he’s thinking more of a holiday home, a caravan permanently parked on a site somewhere.  He sees us, packing up the car, bringing the bikes and the dog and disappearing for the weekend.  I like that idea too and I’m sure that some of these dreamy retro interior ideas can be translated to a static caravan no?

Really I just want to rip things out and make things fabulous, that’s all I want!  As Phill is self employed, it will be some time before we can actually buy a house and although I know that buying a caravan or ‘holiday home ‘ ;-P isn’t  exactly putting down roots…. it would be ours.

I imagine sunshine through gingham curtains, children drinking cola from glass bottles, lazy music drifting from the wireless.

I imagine memories being made with our friends and family.    I can see it all as clear as day.  The fact that most of the caravans we’re looking at look a something like this…

…is merely a challenge!!  Lol!

We have a caravan in mind and a great pitch too, which I’m told are pretty hard to come by.  I think we might be doing this lovelies!!!

I’ll keep you all informed and if it does all go ahead, I may need a little make over advice in the next few weeks.  You know serious, important advice like……do you like these?


Love Rachel


Be a social butterfly...