Be a social butterfly...

**WARNING: This post is mainly about my dog….and poo**

This is Gracie.

Gracie is a cross between a German Pointer and an English Pointer.

It is rude to point but Gracie does it anyway.

I didn’t want a dog, I was talked into having one by Phill and Beth….and how could we not take this one home?

Gracie cries if I go to the toilet without her.

Gracie is spoilt.

Gracie has three beds.

This is Gracie’s favourite place to sleep.

Gracie like trains and buses.

We are beginning to learn how clever Gracie is.

Gracie can open ALL doors.

Gracie often opens our bedroom door and sometimes takes the opportunity to pee……on our bed!

Gracie does not eat shoes, but she does collect them from all over the house and puts them……on our bed.

Gracie started off this big..

But she grew and is now much bigger.  Dogs do that.

Gracie is sometimes very naughty.

Gracie knows very well when she is/has been very naughty.

Gracie does not like people who dress all in black (weird).

Gracie believes that ALL tights should be laddered immediately.

Gracie does not like rain..

Ducks are her sworn enemy.

I believe she may be having a secret relationship with this slightly traumatised penguin :-/

During her time with us Grace has broken:

1 vintage cake stand

1 dinner plate

1 small bowl

2 mugs

During her time with us Grace has eaten:

a brand new Chris Ryan book,

a bowl of bread dough left out to prove

an entire batch of 2 dozen cupcakes

a vanilla flavoured lip balm

any and all rubbish that has been left within her reach.

Gracie prefers Rocky’s cat biscuits, to her own food.

Gracie once ate through her lead while we waited for the bus.

Gracie sometimes tries to ’round up’ children.

Gracie did NOT attack our real Christmas tree, nor did she damage a single decoration or gift…so ner!

Gracie will ignore expensive dog toys and choose instead to busy herself by chewing on plastic bottles.

Gracie is lovely.

Gracie loves us so very much.

Gracie does not clean up after herself when she has a poo in the street…because she is a dog.   I do that.  I pick up her poo, however horrible, carry it (as far away from my nose as is humanly possible) to the nearest bin.  It isn’t pleasant, but it isn’t difficult.

So WHY can’t everyone else do it!!

Honestly I am sick of dodging dog poo as I walk my own furry friend.  I know it isn’t nice to pick it up, infact it was one of the main reasons why initially I was against us getting a dog.  But if you aren’t prepared to remove your dog’s mess from the street, then you shouldn’t get a dog!

Today I narrowly missed a pile of poo.

Guess where it was…..right next to the doggy bin!?!  Pathetic.

To add to my dismay this morning, I was once again on the receiving end of dirty looks when my dog did a wee.  Guess what folks….female dogs wee the same way that they poo….I’m not just neglecting to clean up after her…I’m one of the responsible ones!!

Picking up poo is horrible! I hate it and the bigger Gracie gets, the bigger her poo gets!  But it’s worth it.  She has come into our life like a whirlwind, costing us a small fortune in food, vets fees and damage!  But when we recently went away without her for a few days, we really missed her; when I’m home alone she’s great company and look….I’ve taught her to balance things on her nose!

If you’re thinking of getting a puppy, my advice is this: consider it as seriously as you would having a child.  They cost a lot, they are a 24 hour job and sometimes they smell.  But they are lovely and they do love you 🙂

And if you are adverse to picking up poo…..get a teddy bear instead.

Love Rachel


Be a social butterfly...

  • I love this post!! Gracie is an absolute beauty; you can see how well-trained and loved she is just from the images you’ve shared.

    I totally agree about picking up dog poo; I work for a small Council and had a major battle last year trying to get people to clean up after their animals, even buying and giving out free bags myself – all to no avail. Some people are just lazy.

    As for my dogs, one of them refuses to poo anywhere except our garden (weirdo) but I always carry bags around in case the other decides she can’t wait!


    • Rachel Palmer

      It’s so annoying isn’t it!! It isn’t as though dog poo and the picking up of dog poo isn’t something you’re not aware of before you get a dog?? Grrrrr!
      I can’t believe you bought them yourself, bless you and they still didn’t do it :-O

  • karess

    Hi there must i say that grace is beautiful and i am sure i have her twin brother living with me lol. i have a puppy called harry, he is now 9 months old and huge and very clumsy too. i send u some pic so u can see harry for your self

    • VintageFolly

      Oh he is beautiful!!! Is he a german/english pointer cross too? x

      • karess

        were not to sure, we got him as a staff pup but as he got bigger we started to do so research and we found the English pointer and were sure hes alone them lines. hes now 10 months old and huge, how old is Gracie now? we live in London are u local ?