Be a social butterfly...

I got married two weeks ago today, but there will always be a third party in our marriage…that third party is Golf.  Phill’s love of golf goes way back to his childhood and his beloved late Grandfather.

Sadly Tom, Phill’s Grandad passed away before we met, but I get the impression that I have a lot to thank him for.   Tom was proud of Phill and the fact that he was so taken with his favourite sport.   Teaching him everything he knew about being a good man and supporting him in his aspirations to become a professional Golfer, Tom treated Phill more like a son.

Injury put a hold on Phill’s golfing dreams, but he remains a talented golfer and has recently returned to the sport in a big way.  When people hear of Phill’s love for golf, all the usual sarcastic comments start flying around.  I have lost count of how many times I have been called a golf widow!   I take it on the chin as does Phill, nobody means any harm by it, but the truth is, I am not a golf widow at all.

If anything I encourage it!  I even bought this golf buggy for Phill’s birthday, which incidentally was the day after our Wedding.  My Phill plays a couple of times a week if the weather’s good and has recently been asked to join the Club team.  This means that he will have to make a commitment to play regularly, to maintain and improve and to be available.    People seem so shocked that I don’t mind, but I really don’t.  What’s wrong with my husband having commitments to people and things other than me?

He doesn’t go to the pub everyday after work, he doesn’t spend hours every evening lifting weights, he isn’t addicted to computer games; he spends a few hours a week exercising and socialising and sometimes I’m even invited!  Golf events are fun; I love any excuse to dress up a little bit.

Phill plays for Fishwick Golf Club which is one of the friendlier (non-stuffy) clubs.  Dress codes are strictly adhered to and ladies are still treated like ladies, but everyone is welcome and new faces aren’t new faces for long.

I have been invited to join the ladies groups many, many times and although it is tempting, I always decline.  I love attending events but ultimately this is Phill’s lair; his potting shed if you like.  You see I don’t feel like a golf widow, because I want Phill to play golf.  I want there to be things that are Phill’s and not mine, just like I want there to be things that are mine and not Phill’s.  We all need our space.

I know that Beth and I come a million miles before anything and everything else…golf included and that’s all I need to know!

Team Palmer!!!

Love Rachel




Be a social butterfly...