Be a social butterfly...

Dear Beth,

If I could go back in time to the day you were born, I would.  Not because I wish I could change things, (though there’s plenty that I would probably do differently) but because I would love to watch you grow up all over again.    If I could go back I’d watch everything more closely, I’d live more in the moment, I’d commit every single day to memory.  Because you have been a joy since the moment you opened your eyes.  You were and will always be my  sunshine, my light, even in the darkest of places.

beth on the  beach

I can’t quite believe that you’re eleven, that next year you’ll be with the teenagers in high school.  It just doesn’t seem possible!!   Actually some days it does; some days I look at you and you’re like a grown up lady but other times, you still act like my little girl.

beth dork

You’re the coolest person I know. You drink strawberry milkshake from a champagne flute and know all the words to ELO’s Mr Blue Sky.

You say the funniest things like:

“why do we call it a window still?”

“we don’t, we call it a window sill”

“No it’s a window still. Is it because it’s made out of wood, but it’s a window….still……?  Oh yeah it doesn’t make sense does it?”


beth thinking

I love that you think you’re more responsible than me, until it comes to something that scares you and then I am right back to my role as fearless protector.  I love that you still call me Mummy sometimes, when you forget that you’re cool and grown up.  I love that you trust me, that you talk to me like a friend, but listen to me like I know everything, because I’m your Mother.

beth funny face

I hope that’s how we’ll always be.  Even in a few years when we fall out over a phone bill or a curfew or those shoes you’ll borrow…I’ll still be your Mum.  (Which means I’ll still be in possession of hundreds of embarrassing photographs, to get my own back with!)

I feel like these are the last of your days as a little girl and I am treasuring them!  So if I embarrass you today, then I’m sorry but that’s just your life.  You are the adored child of a pair of crazy people who like to make a fuss of you and that is just what we’re going to do.

Excuse me, I’m off to bake cupcakes for your entire year.  That’s not OTT is it sweetheart???

Love Mummy


Be a social butterfly...