Be a social butterfly...

This time 11 years ago I was tired, scared and I had the most horrendous morning sickness!

When Beth arrived, all pink and loud, there wasn’t time to imagine the future only time to worry about it and certainly it never occurred to me to consider what life would one day be like with a pre-teen.  I never considered it when she cut her head open in a swimming pool, when she ate so many strawberries that her poo turned pink or when confronted with a large goose, about to attack, she raised her arms and ran towards it rather than in the opposite direction.  The goose backed down first of course, like Mother like daughter!  ;-P

How time flies.  Here we are, it’s 2013 and I’m Mum to the most incredible ten year old girl.  We had a lovely day today.  Beth and Phill brought me a breakfast of scrambled eggs, toast and salmon, we bought a new tree for the garden and then walked the dog around Yarrow Valley, climbing trees and playing pooh sticks (if you’ve read Winnie the Pooh, you’ll understand!).

My 10th Mother’s Day!??  Every sleepless night, every moment of panic, every ‘poor month’, everything, everything, everything has been worth it.  Now that tiny life in my tummy; making me sick and turning my World upside down, is my best friend.

I really like Mother’s Day.  It isn’t the presents and pampering (well, maybe it is a little bit!), it’s the fact that we all get to celebrate our own motherhood.   Mother’s Day is about acknowledging all the things that Mums and mother figures do for us, but also about thanking our babies for the experience of being their Mummy.

I was the first of my friends to join the Mummy club, back when I was 18 and it was a long time before anyone else became a member!  But now that my school friends are almost 30, many of them are wanting to become parents and some of them, tragically, are discovering that they are unable.

In the madness of modern life, the daily grind: amidst the dirty nappies, school runs and the temper tantrums, it’s easy to forget that even in the hardest of times, it is an absolute privilege to be a parent.

So, much as it’s so very nice to be appreciated on Mother’s Day, I think we should all take the time to appreciate our little ones aswell … all their confusing, exhausting, panic inducing wonder!!!

I hope you had a lovely weekend, whatever you got up to…..but especially if you spent some time educating the next generation about the correct way to climb a tree, like I did 🙂

Love Rachel


Be a social butterfly...