Be a social butterfly...

The fact that I am a Mum, a bit of a mother hen, the maternal type, tends to be one of the first things that people say about me.  So it might surprise some people to hear that in my early teens, I had planned a child free life!

I was going to be a career woman.  I wanted white carpets, walls, floors and a car with only two seats.  I imagined myself travelling the World, a lone wolf, filling my life with excitement.  Beth came as quite a surprise!  She changed my life and me beyond recognition and I think, for the better.

If anything, having a side-kick has made life’s adventures even more exciting…and I have a cream sofa anyway!!  Becoming a Mum, was the single greatest thing that has ever happened to me.

Beth has been a joy, every moment since the day she was born and last week, while we were on holiday in the North of Ibiza, she turned 10!

The birthday girl was allowed to do anything she wanted on her birthday and she chose to play with her friends in the pool until they all went wrinkly.  Then she and I borrowed a canoe and ventured off into the Mediterranean.

I think that was my favourite part.  There are alot of activities with which Phill is more skilled or experienced than I am; but canoeing, climbing, camping, those outdoorsy things are mine.  She was frightened to begin with but I made her look at my face and really hear me when I said, I’d never do anything, never take her anywhere where I wasn’t absolutely confident that I could keep her safe.

So off we went.  With the sun bouncing off the water and fishes shimmering by, I taught her how to steer and slow the canoe.  By the time we came back she was a pro.  Well not quite, but she was quite good 🙂

Beth with her ‘Birthday Girl’ T-shirt, lovingly made by Phill the night before we travelled!

At Dinnertime, the Chefs and Waiters presented Beth with a huge chocolate ice-cream cake which she shared with friends we’d made over the last week and Father Christmas and his wife, whom we’d met the year before ( even Santa needs a holiday and this one visits San Miguel twice a year!).

Pretty soon, it was home time and we returned to England; me, Phill and a TEN YEAR OLD!  I still can’t quite get used to it.  pretty soon, she’ll be a teenager and quite frankly I’m not sure how I’ll cope!!  Compared to 13, 10 isn’t too scary is it? :-S

So Happy Birthday to my best friend, my sunshine and my muse.  Happy Birthday Bethany, you have made my life.

Love Mummy


Be a social butterfly...