Be a social butterfly...

We have a new addition to our family 🙂   The new addition comes from my lovely sister Jen, who gave birth to Baby Matthew on Thursday 11th October 🙂

Matthew joins my two nieces Elisa and Hannah who were my flower girls when Phill and I got married earlier this year.  Beth loves her cousins.  As an only child, they are for the moment, the closest thing she has to siblings and Jen and her fiancé Stephen are kind enough to let us revel in the joy of their childhoods along with them.

It’s funny to watch them; Elisa looks so much like my sister did as a child and yet Hannah was just the image of Beth when she was born.  As she’s grown, Hannah has lost many of her ‘Beth features’ but both of them love their big cousin and tend to follow her lead;

whether that be up the aisle…

in fashion:

in ‘planking’:

in strange kangaroo type walks;

or into deep dark woods to gather sticks…..

….so that their Mummys can build a stick house!!  Yes this really happened!

Look at Beth’s face….I’m not really having fun….honest! 

So Matthew joins a family of girls but by the looks of things, he will be part of the gang in no time.

 I couldn’t quite believe that my sister and soon to be brother in law, were even at my house on this day!  Jen had only given birth the day before and I’m sure you’ll agree, she looked amazing!?

Jen and Stephen promised to swap me one of their children for a cupcake 😛 and luckily I had just taken a dozen out of the oven.  They looked almost too good to eat on my willow pattern cake stand….almost.  Wait a minute!  I haven’t cashed in on that exchange yet!!

I love being a Mum and I love being an Auntie and I love the fact that my sister and her partner kept handing Matthew to me and were kind enough to let me cuddle their new son until it went dark.

Beth took this photo and I think it’s so beautiful and warm.  I feel so lucky.

But of course with Beth taking photographs, Hannah wanted to take some too…..

…but only managed to take ones of herself!!  Isn’t she adorable?   Evidently, baby brothers who aren’t yet able to play are only exciting for so long and Hannah spent a couple of hours playing with Beth’s doll’s house.  Some toys will never go out of fashion.

Phill, who the girls call ‘Uncle Bill’, plans to buy Matthew an Arsenal shirt in the next few days….Stephen plans to burn it on Bonfire Night.

 And so it begins ;-P

Love Rachel


Be a social butterfly...