Be a social butterfly...

I don’t want to take a single bit of the shine off Beth. Everything she’s achieved so far, everything she is and everything she’ll become is all her: she’s amazing!  But seeing how amazing she is, how well she’s turned out, does feel like two fingers up at everyone who judged both of us because I had her at 18.

All those ‘ooh babies having babies’ comments. All the raised eyebrows, tuts and shuns. Every horrid person who left me standing up on the bus when I was hot and fat and pregnant (particularly the old bag who stopped her husband giving me his seat saying ‘serves her right’), I wish they could all see us now.

Beth all grown up

So perhaps it isn’t ideal to be a teen mum – it certainly isn’t the path I’d choose for her, but that doesn’t mean that it’s the end of the world or that all young mums are rubbish parents or that all children of young mums are ‘doomed’.

I’m proud of Beth, so proud and so grateful that she’s given me the chance to feel this way and feel like we proved the judges wrong 🙂

Thanks Beth, love Mum x

Be a social butterfly...

  • I will always remember being sat next to a heavily pregnant girl whilst doing a GCSE exam and the teacher not letting her go to the loo. She subsequently wet herself… I made a pact with myself then to never be so cruel.
    All babies are a gift and have a purpose, age is just a number x

    • VintageFolly

      You see my sixth form were quite good. I sat my A-Levels whilst very pregnant and they made allowances – but I was too stubborn to take them up on them haha!

  • Essenza Blends

    I had my daughter when I was 17, she has just finished university and will shortly be starting a job as a research assistant in a leading oncology hospital…I recently wrote a blog about it ‘As Proud as Punch’.

    If I wished (I don’t) I could join my ‘had a career first I’m having children in my late 30’s/early 40’s’ friends to become a Mum again and would probably get judged as an ‘older’ mother, we live in such a judgemental society!

    • VintageFolly

      There’s just no ‘right time’ is there. What upsets me the most is that it isn’t just the mothers who are judged – it’s the children too and it isn’t fair

  • Debra

    A bonus to be being a young mom is now having 4 grand kids at age 46. I get to be the fun grandparent who can still run after, crawl on the floor and still occasionally get you have a beautiful baby. Lol