Be a social butterfly...



It’s the night before Beth starts High School and this is the row currently going on in our house:

Phill: “Mum and I are taking you to school tomorrow”

Beth: “Haha!  Oh my God imagine if you did!”

Phill: “I’m not laughing. Why do you think we’ve both taken the morning off work?”



*Beth sits and looks at us both with a cold, horrified gaze of disbelief*


Beth: “You’re not.”

Phill: “Yes we are.”

Beth: “You can’t!  No you can’t it’d be so embarrassing”

Phill: “Look at least we care about you! Just think how many children don’t have parents who care at all.”

Beth: “If you care then you won’t ruin my life by walking me to school. If you love me you’ll listen to me and I’m telling you I DON’T WANT YOU TO WALK ME TO SCHOOL.”

Phill: “Well sweetie, I don’t want you to grow up and go to High School but it’s happening isn’t it? So…”
*Beth looks at me*
Beth: “Mum please I’m begging you, pleeeease don’t let him walk me to school.”

Me: “Baby, I’m coming too, I’m carrying that balloon.”

good luck balloon

Yes….we bought her a ballon haha!

Wish her luck!

Love Rachel


Disclaimer:  We are NOT walking Beth to school….we aren’t quite that cruel.

Be a social butterfly...