Be a social butterfly...

I quite like stillness.  You’d never believe it if you met me at a party(!) but I enjoy a little peace and quiet.  It isn’t often that everything stops.

Snow days make us stop!  I might complain sometimes about how reactionary we are in the UK when it comes to the white stuff, but all of my annoyance melts away when I look at sights like this.

There’s something about the World blanketed in white that makes you realise what truly matters, what you truly value.  Wealth and beauty are disguised by woolens and frost bite and worries are replaced with snowball fights.  It’s a simple, magical thing to have some time to spare and snow to spend it in!  This week we had just that.

We grown ups walked slowly, snowflakes on eyelashes, watching as Beth and Grace ran off into the distance.  Eventually they were just silhouettes against the white sky and the snow continued to fall.  It was eerily quiet, just the hollow sound of snow underfoot and the occasional shriek of laughter from our girl.


They’d run so far away from us, then they’d stop, realised how far ahead they’d run and turn back only to be captured and attacked with snow balls…

…which Gracie tried to eat!

No matter how much fun you’re having, eventually everybody has to come in from the cold….

…that means you too Gracie!!!

I hope you’re keeping warm and well and that you haven’t had so much snow that it becomes something you hate!

Love Rachel


Be a social butterfly...