Be a social butterfly...


Just a few months ago, Phill and I found ourselves being midwives to our cat Lola as she gave birth to three beautiful little kittens.  They were planned…sort of.  We had planned to allow Lola to have one litter before she was spayed, but we didn’t expect her to have one so soon- she was only a kitten herself really.

We watched excitedly as she got rounder and rounder and wondered when the big day would be.  We made little dens for her in safe, warm places but ultimately Lola thought that it was best to bring her babies into the world in our bedroom, behind a whicker basket full of handbags and right on top of my favourite hat.  ‘Remember birth is amazing and kittens are cute!’ I told myself.


The three kittens were indeed very cute.  We initially named them Elvis, Catsby and Daisy but they would eventually grow up to be named Evie, Khaleesi and Jim by their forever families.

Jim’s forever family was us.

We kept Jim.

Jim the ginger cat

As you can see, Jim is a very special kind of cat 🙂

Jim the ginger cat headless

Very special.

Jim the ginger cat upside down

We decided to wait until Lola was no longer feeding her kittens to have her spayed – this we thought, was sensible. :-/

But as some of you already know, Lola climbed out of the window and got herself ‘in the family way’ again before she could have her big visit to the vets.

So we have three little bundles of joy ….. again.

kittens new
While I’m unimpressed with this (and have locked all windows until further notice!) I can’t deny that like the last three, these babies are adorable!


Two weeks ago Beth woke up to a black kitty with teeny white socks, a black and white kitty and a bright white kitty with pale ginger stripes on it’s tail…squeaking at the top of their lungs in the airing cupboard in her bedroom.   She’s tended to Lola’s every need for the last fortnight and today we brought them all downstairs to experience the ‘real World’, otherwise known as ‘the other pets’.  Grace (the dog) was immediately interested, but calm and gentle, whereas Jim tried to play with them very roughly and was very quickly told off by Grace.    At least these kittens –  like Evie, Khaleesi and Jim, will grow up to be very comfortable with other animals!

black kitten

We already have two potential forever families for them but if you’re in the north west of England and would like a little fluff ball, please let me know as believe me these are THE LAST kittens that Lola will be having….ever.  Oh and just incase Phill and Beth are reading, no we are not keeping another one!  We are one pet away from having a animal hoarding programme made about us!


We also need a little help with names?  Not permanent names of course but calling them the white-one, the black-and-white-one and the black-with-just-a-bit-of-white-one, for the next ten weeks just doesn’t sound very affectionate!

Once again, my house is filled with even more fluff and noise than usual and once again I’ll be filling your news-feed with pictures of cats.  Sorry (not sorry) 🙂

Love Rachel



Be a social butterfly...