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I have just discovered Bethany’s Christmas list.  This is very lucky as without it I couldn’t be sure that she would at least be getting some of what she wants.

The cheeky monkey had refused to let me see it this year as she was ‘testing’ whether or not Father Christmas was real!   Her plan is flawed and she knows it, as Bethany is well aware that once you become a Mummy, you are issued with Father Christmas’ email address and so can converse with him about naughty and nice lists and presents to avoid duplicates.   Therefore even hiding the list from me may not prevent me from finding out what it includes, directly from the man himself!


The letter begins :

“Dear Father Christmas (Santa)

I hope you are well.  This Christmas, if you don’t mind and aren’t too busy, please may I have…”

The letter goes on to list a small number of very reasonable gifts including Hamma beads and fabric for her sewing box; all of which she will certainly receive.  But then…

“and last but not least (don’t tell Mummy) a phone.”

She then signs off with her full name.

“PTO  Hope to see you in Ibiza again next year!”

At this point it would probably be as well to explain the Ibiza reference!

Earlier this year, Phill, Beth and I spent 10 days in San Miguel, which is the Northern most part of Ibiza.  It was a beautiful place and we had an amazing family holiday.  Whilst there we met Terry who looked like Father Christmas, complete with red board shorts.   Terry, who is actually a pub landlord from Swansea, didn’t mind being called Santa, or having his photo taken with the many children who pestered their parents to be allowed to meet him!  As you can see, he could even be persuaded to don the red suit on occasion!

A lovely man, we are still in touch with Terry now and he happily allows Beth to believe that he is the real Father Christmas (in all honesty, I can’t say for sure that he isn’t ;-P).

I must say, Bethany’s letter is nothing if not polite!  How unassuming to write, ‘if you aren’t too busy’ on  letter to Father Christmas!?  Honestly my heart could burst with love for her right now; then I remember the ‘don’t tell Mummy’ comment!

What a predicament Phill and I are now in.  We had made a decision, of which she is well aware, that she will only be given a mobile phone when she goes to High School.  Until then she doesn’t really need one and we see it as just another thing for her to lose or break and then get upset about.  under no circumstances do we want her to have a mobile phone!

If she doesn’t get one, then is the illusion of Father Christmas shattered forever?  She is nine years old, is it time for it to shattered?? 🙁

:-S I admire her evil genius in choosing to ask Father Christmas for the one thing that she knows we would never buy, but what do we do?

I may have to call Ibiza Santa for some advice!


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Be a social butterfly...