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What a weekend we’ve had in the Vintagefolly household!

Firstly Friday night saw Bethany skip off to the village disco while my friends and I exchanged secret Santa presents our friend Adam’s Birthday meal (don’t worry he didn’t mind).  I received some beautiful and well thought out gifts, apparently (baffling though it is as they were sooo right) chosen by my friend Kerry Wilkinson.  (Incidently, his best selling book would make a great Christmas gift!! 😛 )

Who knew that a crime writer would even know where to buy a rose shaped cake mould??

On Saturday we visited The World of Glass.  Phill had bought the tickets some time ago and had been itching to go.  Personally I think we chose the perfect time as it was so quiet because everyone was out Christmas shopping; which reminds me, I must get that finished!?

Greeted by an beautiful, voluptuous chandelier, I knew this was going to be my kind of day out!   There was a very modern gallery, a museum area showing the origins of glass manufacturing and access to the original tunnels where glass was made by Pilkingtons at the beginning of the 20th century.

Because there were so few visitors, the glass blowing demonstration was practically just for us!!  After watching an absolute craftsman create stunning and unique rose bowls, we just had to buy one.  Well two actually but one was a gift (see, I will get the Christmas shopping finished!).

As always we exited through the Artisan gift shop and I came home with a couple of lovely decorations for our tree.  We spent the evening watching Harry Potter, eating stupidly decadent foods and making paper roses for our Christmas gift tags.

The next day Phill heard a whisper of a Vintage fair in Prestwich??  In a move that will probably always surprise me, he insisted that we go!!

A medium sized fair, the Vintage Life Event had numerous handmade items amongst the vintage aswell and face panting and Father Christmas.  I have been to many Vintage Fairs and I must say that aswell as being one of the more reasonably priced fairs I’ve attended, the stall holders were incredibly honest about their stock.

I have seen many a modern reproduction passed off as Vintage.  Whether the stall holders does it intentionally or simply hasn’t researched enough matters not to me; it is dishonest.   This fair had modern dresses, made from Vintage patterns and sold for £20.00 ( the patterns available for inspection), necklaces which the seller described as being 40s in style but possibly reproduction (£5.00 was reasonable either way) and others labelled as ‘1980’s, plastic tat but fun!’.

This was my kind of Vintage fair.  No pushy sales pitches and price points to suit all.  They even had cup cakes to keep Phill happy!!  We came home with one or two little gems and Beth has apparently bought me something for Christmas with her own money.   Aww x




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