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We’ve not had a huge amount of luck with prams.  We’ve already had three.

Yes you read that correctly.

Three prams in 7 months.

We’ve had a few issues.  To begin with our first pram was faulty ? Then the second, although we liked it, just wasn’t quite right.  The handle wasn’t long enough for 6″4 Phill and I couldn’t seem to get it up and down.  Oh and Dottie hated it (babies are picky)!

Our daughter  only seemed to be a proper baby for a couple of weeks and then she wanted to be sat up like a big girl (babies are impatient).  In pram number two this meant sitting in quite a big seat and facing away from mummy (babies don’t like that).  She would slump to one side and I always felt like the straps were rubbing her neck.

Bambella liner in pilko pramette mamas and papas

Then we got a pram liner from Bambella.  Bambella is new to the UK.  Their liners fit most prams (we’ve now tried it in three!) and come with free strap covers.  They have a massive range of fabrics, so you can choose a print to coordinate with your pram or go with something that stands out.  With a baby called Dottie….there was only one choice for us.


On the website, this fabric looks lighter, more peachy.  In reality it’s quite a rich coral colour.  I’ve washed it twice (babies are gross) and it doesn’t seem to have faded at all.

The pram liner was a game changer.  The padding made for a slightly more snug fit and a much more snuggly seat.  So once it was in place, Dorothy was much happier to sit in it (babies know what they like)!

Bambella pram liner dotty spotty coral baby

Also because of the colour, I had fewer people asking me what ‘his’ name was.  *NB.  Not all bald babies are male!*

Now that we’ve got the combination of the Quinny (which makes Mummy and Daddy happy) and the pram liner (which makes Dorothy happy) I think we finally have the perfect pram ?

Bambella pram liner polka dot spotty coral baby

Bambella products are beautifully made.  The stitching is perfect – even the labels are pretty and this print…..I LOVE this print!  And I’m not the only one – everywhere we go people comment on how lovely the pram looks.

Which fabric would you have chosen?  Take a look at the full range at

Love Rachel


*we were gifted a pram liner for the purposes of this post but my review is honest.  I wouldn’t recommend something I thought was less than lovely ?


Be a social butterfly...