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There’s no other excitement quite like that of a crisp, unopened shoe box….

hotter shoe box…other than the excitement you feel when you open it and find the most beautiful, vintage inspired shoes inside.

hotter shoes michelle vintage inspired

It’s even more exciting when it’s a pair of shoes that looks beautiful, goes with your clothes AND makes you feel like you’re walking on air.  And you do feel like that in these shoes, in fact I based this whole outfit around them, right down to the blush coloured sunglasses!

50s style hotter shoes michelle white dress

These shoes are called michelle and they have sort of ovals of padding inside.  If you aren’t used to them (which I’m not), it can feel a bit odd when you first put them on your feet, but once you wear them for a little while, you realise that your feet are perfectly supported.

hotter michelle shoes 2

hotter michelle shoesFootwear tends to be an issue for most vintage loving girls.  We want our shoes to be pretty and feminine but our activities are often less than delicate.  Try stomping around a vintage fair in peep-toes; or being thrown around a dancehall in heels!  Last weekend I wore my Michelle T-Bar shoes with a 1950s style dress (ebay win!) and sauntered around Crafty Vintage at Brockholes nature reserve.  I felt amazing!
hotter shoes michelle 4

Usually I’m an advocate of ballet flats at events where you’re on your feet all day.  I always get blisters and swollen feet and let’s be honest, nobody wants feet that look like trotters, however beautiful the shoes!  But these didn’t rub or ache, frankly I could’ve stayed on my feet for hours…but this view was just crying out for a good strong sit down 🙂

hotter shoes michelle brockholes crafty vintage

These shoes are £75 so they aren’t cheapies, but by no means are they an expensive pair and they’re so authentic looking that you can wear them with all your vintage or reproduction dresses.

hotter shoes michelle 3What do you think?  In the past I’ve been guilty of writing them off as a brand my Grandma would wear…but actually my Grandma’s a smart lady ?

Hotter have created a few vintage inspired shoes recently and honestly I don’t think they’d look out of place in a genuine vintage store, a festival or a swing dance.

Love Rachel


*This post includes a review.   I always try to give an honest account of my experience with products.  Should you have any questions, please let me know. *


Be a social butterfly...