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Once upon a time all of my shoes were cheap.  I bought them cheap and often threw them away and replaced them before they’d even become ‘so last season’ and gone into the sale.

Hotter hattie white peeptoe show vintage retro

Sales brought out the worst in me and I would squeeze my feet into and oftentimes come home with, pair upon pair of ill-fitting footwear.

I definitely favoured quantity over quality.

I would recoil n horror at the thought of spending £40, £30 even £20 on shoes….honestly I am was that cheap.  Beth’s shoes were another matter of course.  I’d happily hand over £40+ for school shoes that fit well, looked smart and supported her feet.   I’m sure this is true of alot of Mums.

“Feet,” I would tell her “are to be looked after.  You only get one pair and they’ll take you everywhere you choose to go.”  Talk about do as I say but not as I do!!

Hotter hattie white peep toe shoes vintage style lindybop matilda dress britanny france

When I started to explore my love for vintage style clothing, something changed.  I saw how well true vintage had survived over the years.  Good quality, well cared for, investment pieces really stood the test of time, but I knew that the majority of my things would be fit for the bin after a few months and the only reason my heels were in good shape was that I barely wore them, on acount of them being too high, too narrow, uncomfortable, the wrong size, etc etc etc…

Hotter hattie vintage style white peeptoe shoe

I started to value quality and realise that good value for money doesn’t always mean cheap.   My new favourite shoes may not the cheapest available, but theybtick all the boxes for me.

  • They’re the perfect height!  Enough heel to give you lovely long legs but not so much that you’re likely to end up on your bottom!
  • Your feet don’t slip forward – peeptoe wearers will know this struggle well.  Believe me, you’ve never felt pain’ve had a blister on your nail bed.
  • They’re slightly wider fitting which suits me as my feet are quite wide.
  • They come in half sizes so you can have shoes that really fit.
  • The soles aren’t slippy.  Sadly this means you have no excuse if you drink too much wine on holiday.  Or so I’m told anyway.
  • The insoles are padded and offer arch support meaning that you can be on your feet for longer without that achey feeet feeling.
  • They’re made from leather, so they’re easy to keep looking tip-top.
  • They are fabulously retro and look great with rockabilly, pin-up and true vintage outfits.
  • They’re Great quality.  The buckles and fastenings feel really sturdy – I feel like these shoes will last as long as I look after them.

Hotter hattie white peep toe

I’ve had some terrible problems with my hip since Dottie was born, so I’ve had to be a little cautious with shoes, but I feel safe in these beauties.   The wedge makes you feel a bit more stable.after so many months in sensible flats, they’re comfortable and they go with everything from highwaisted jeans, to delicate skirts, to day dresses.

Hotter hattie white peep toe shoes vintage style lindybop matilda dress britanny france

So finally, I managed to return a bit of glamour back into my wardrobe ?  

Do you have a favourite pair of summer shoes?

Love Rachel


Be a social butterfly...