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I flippin’ love pancakes (see what I did there ?).

Growing up I’d look forward to Pancake Day almost as much as my birthday Despite the fact that it meant Lent was about to start and I’d have to begrudgingly give something up.  We’d eat pancakes for dinner, sprinkled with sugar and squeezy lemon juice.  All five of us children waiting by the frying pan for the next yummy pancake to be ready.

I still like them like that now!

Commemorative china coronation traditional crepe maker review Breville lemon

Driving around Florida we enjoyed thick, doughy pancakes for breakfast.  They came drizzled with maple syrup and topped with berries, ice cream or even bacon!  I’m not a fan of the meat – syrup combo but I think the American commitment to variety in terms of toppings is absolutely tremendous.  I know because I tried most of them ?

V fest Stafford 2009

More than thick American pancakes though, I love crepes.  In my festival going days, I’d forgo the greasy burgers and hotdogs for wafer thin crepes with chocolate spread or golden syrup. Occasionally I’d entertain a savoury cheese option – but only occasionally ?

Phill and Beth love crepes too.  Throughout our adventures around Europe, we’ve sought out our favourite treat and brought home recipes and ideas for a variety of toppings.  Sadly we’ve never quite been able to replicate the actual crepes.  Usually my first, second and sometimes even third attempt at pancakes ends up in the bin and the rest are of a questionable standard.

Crepes rostrenan britanny

I’m pleased to announce that I can now make perfect pancakes, every single time thanks to this baby.

Breville traditional crepe maker review

Let me start by saying that this isn’t a product I would normally look to buy.  We have more than enough gadgets and gismos clogging up the kitchen cupboards and I initially thought it was just an electric frying pan.  But the Breville Traditional Crepe  Maker may actually work well enough to warrant a space on the counter-top.

Admittedly if you only eat pancakes on Shrove Tuesday then it may strike you as an unnecessary bit of kit.  But I think having the Crepe Maker will encourage us to make all sorts of things such as Quesidillas, chapati, and of course all manner of crepes!

The crepe maker heats up quickly with little to no oil needed.  So there’s no temptation to leave it on while you dish out your creations.  You can set the heat depending on how browned you like your crepes, the heat is distributed evenly so you don’t get any hot spots AND you get one of those cool sticks that the professionals use.

Crepe maker stick

All of this combines to allow you to make very thin pancakes/crepes.  The best I’ve ever made, the best Phill’s ever made, the best Beth’s ever made.  We all had a go and according to the instructions, it’s safe to use from around age 8.

It’s very easy to clean, needing just a wipe with a clean, damp cloth and because it plugs in, it’s portable.  Though I think you’d have to be a really massive crepe fan to take it on your holidays ?

The Crepe Maker comes with a few recipe suggestions but if your family is anything like mine, they already know what they want on their pancakes.

Just for you, here’s a few of our favourite flavours ?

Gluten and Dairy Free Banana Pancakes

Gluten free pancakes dairy free banana baby led weaning recipe cath kidston

Goat’s cheese, chorizo and rosemary pancakes

Savoury pancake recipe goats cheese rosemary chorizo

Double chocolate and banana pancakes

Double chocolate banana pancakes

Or you could just eat them the old fashioned way ?

Commemorative china traditional pancake

Happy Pancake Day

Love Rachel


*I was gifted the Crepe Maker for the purpose of a review but all opinions are honest*

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