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Since the day we found out we were having a baby, I’ve been giving my tummy a lot of attention.  It’s not that I’m scared of stretch marks – I know that a lot of women see them as a badge of honour and trust me, having a baby is waaaaay more important to me than avoiding the odd line on my tummy – but I’m pregnant less than a year after abdominal surgery and all the IVF meds have left my skin feeling generally weird, I figured I should probably give it some TLC.

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I’d been lucky with my first pregnancy and had only developed 3 teeny 1cm long stretch marks under my bump (my bust was a different story altogether – nobody told me to moisturise those ladies!), but I was in my late teens last time and now in my 30s, things might be a little different!!  So to start with, I went with what I know.

Palmers belly butter how to prevent stretchmarks pregnancy product

I’ve always been a big fan of Palmer’s Cocoa Butter and not just because of the name ;-P.  I love the smell and the texture and how it makes my skin feel.  Since the last time I was pregnant, they’ve launched a variety of products for different needs and from around 4 weeks, Mr Palmer and I took it in turns to rub in their Belly Butter before bed.  If you’re newly pregnant, I’d really recommend that you both get involved with bump pampering.  Following fertility treatment my abdomen was very sore and gently massaging the Belly Butter into my tummy, helped not only with that pain but in a way I suppose it let Phill know that it was now ok to touch me and I wasn’t going to bite his head off! 🙂

Treating Bump Pampering as a team effort is great for helping your partner connect with your growing baby and vice versa.  At first it might seem a bit odd, but as the shape and size of your tummy changes, as you feel those first movements, it’s nice for you both to have a little bit of time each day to really take notice.

The Belly Butter is great – it has that classic chocolatey smell and a very thick almost lip balm-like texture that melts with the warmth of your skin.  But it is quite heavy.  While you might not mind it just before you go to sleep, it isn’t such pleasant feeling just before you go to work.  For morning moisturising, you need something lighter and I found just the thing.

I’ve been using Aromaworks face oil since starting treatment as the medications played havoc with my already sensitive skin.  I always imagined that oils would make my skin greasy but that wasn’t the case, they have been a Godsend!

Pregnancy product how to prevent stretchmarks aromaworks body lotion

When Aromaworks suggested a body lotion for my baby bump, I suppose I already knew that I’d love it.  This stuff smells AMAZING!  It’s enriched with essential oils which I know some pregnant ladies (including me) are afraid of but guess what, helpfully they’ve made sure that they mark their products to reassure you that it’s safe to use.

Aromaworks body lotion safe for pregnant ladiesstretchmark prevention how to prwgnancy product

The cream absorbs very easily and is none greasy so you don’t end up with marks on your clothes or that horrible clammy feeling that you get from heavier creams.  What’s more, when you get warm, you get this lovely waft of scent from the oils.  If I could bathe in this stuff I would have done – but that might’ve worked out a teensy bit expensive!  This pregnancy and all of it’s skin care dilemmas has positioned Aromaworks as one of my all time favourite brands.

Bathing threw up a whole load of issues for me.  As I said I have sensitive skin and during pregnancy it has become 10x worse.  Literally anything can set my skin off and shower gels, bubble baths and soaps have been major culprits.  I tried using nothing at all but the moment I’ve dried myself off, my skin was a dry as a dead leaf – I just couldn’t win.  Until of course I began to think smart.  I decided that what’s good enough (and gentle enough) for baby is good enough for me and I started dousing myself in baby oil during baths and showers.

Johnsons baby oil how to prevent stretchmarks pregnancy product

Not only is it great for moisturising, but it makes a good cleanser and in the days when I could shave my legs, a fantastic shaving oil.

*I’m sure it goes without saying that baby oil can make your bath/shower slippery and that you should take great care when entering, exiting – but there we go, I’ve said it anyway!*

I know that this may be down to sheer good luck and so I’m not going to try and tell you that it’s all down to products, but at 9 months pregnant, I have just two teeny stretch marks right under my bump.  Here it is bouncing around my living room filter and air brush free! Le bump makes an appearance at about 25 seconds!

This ladies, is my dream team and if they don’t help you with your stretch marks that at the very least they’ll smell nice, make your skin feel lovely and soft and provide a good excuse to get a regular tummy massage from your loved one 🙂

Love Rachel


*This post includes mini-reviews of a number of items.   I always try to give an honest account of my experience with products.  Should you have any questions, please let me know. *

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