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Until fairly recently I steered clear of vintage clothes (too much bum and boobs to squeeze into them) and satisfied my longing for ‘old stuff’ by buying homewares and accessories.

All that has changed!

Following my experiment with a piece from Revival Vintage and a beautiful find (no really, BEAUTIFUL!) while in Amsterdam, I feel like I’ve entered a whole new world!  All of a sudden those rails of fabric treasure are open to me and I feel like a kid in a sweet shop!  I want all the things!!!

Last month I was at the Festival of Vintage in York.  I had my new found love for wearing true vintage and the sellers had rails of pretty things in my size.  It was the perfect storm!

For some reason though, it wasn’t the dresses and hats that tickled my fancy ? it was the nighties and bed jackets.
I bought vintage lingerie (old undies ?) and lots of it.  I just kept finding more and more little beauties that just had to come home with me but one thing alluded me – some super sexy, heeled, marabou slippers.

To be fair I’m not sure that my love of wearing true vintage is strong enough to stretch to pre-loved slippers anyway ? So perhaps it isn’t such a bad thing that mid-century women had such teeny tiny feet!

As soon as I got home I started searching for some reproduction slippers.  I found a few, but   they were SO expensive.  I couldn’t find a decent pair for less than £50 and to me that’s just far too much money to pay for slippers!

So as with most things that I want but can’t afford – I had a go at making some.  I think it was a success!

These cost me less than £10.  If you’d like to make your own – here’s how ?

You Will Need

A pair of mules

Some scraps of fabric

Spray paint in a coordinating colour

A meter of marabou feather trim

Needle and thread

Fabric Glue


  • Start by thoroughly cleaning your shoes.  Nail polish remover works well.

  • Remove any labels or embellishments.
  • Spray the shoes and allow to dry over night.

*I wasn’t keen on this shade so ended up re-spraying them a lighter pink*

  • Starting in the centre, begin sewing on your marabou trim.  You only need to sew one spot, not the whole length.
  • Next sew the trim to one corner, then the next corner and then back to the centre as in the diagram.

  • Finish by taking the trim out to the other two corners and then back to the centre to finish.


  • To complete the transformation, cut your fabric into two oval shapes and stick to the insoles of your brand new slippers.

  • Call everyone to tell them about your creation and keep your fingers crossed that someone knocks on the door while you’re in your dressing gown ?

Love Rachel



Be a social butterfly...