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When we first saw our house, the first thing that struck us was the back garden.  It was huge and between it and the frony, tbere were about 20 rose bushes.  The house was one of those ‘fixer uppers’ and the garden was a bit unloved….but the roses were amazing!

Rose garden cottage

We found out from the neighbours that most of the bushes had been planted 30-40 years ago.  They weren’t all in the best condition mind you.  ‘Modern’ roses, which these are, have a life span of a few decades so we’ve put a couple of them out of their misery already ? and a few others are on borrowed time.

When our family moved into Rose Cottage,  it was with our own collection of old English roses and we’ve added them to the garden.  Now we keep around 35 different varieties and we’re lucky enough to have fresh blooms in every room from mid Spring, right through to Autumn.

But…..I want to preserve the smell and colour for longer, not to mention the flavour!

Rose petal syrup how to make recipe

I’ve enjoyed rose flavour for years but our recent trips to Cyprus and Turkey really opened my eyes to the posibilities.  I mean, you can make rose flavour ANYTHING!

Rose petal cordials and syrups are commonplace there but you Just don’t see them in the UK.  This is a shame because they can be used in cooking, over ice cream, with lemonade and in the most amazing cocktails.

So let’s just make our own!

Rose petal syrup recipe how to make

You Will Need

1 cup caster sugar

1 cup water

1 tightly packed, piled high cup of rose petals

A few notes about the roses –

  1. Don’t use shop bought roses or flowers that have been sprayed with pesticides.
  2. Select your blooms first thing.
  3. Don’t use damaged petals.
  4. The more scent – the more flavour.
  5. The colour of your petals will affect the colour of your syrup.

Rose syrup recipe


  • Combine the sugar and 2ater in a large pan and heat and stir until all of the sugar has dissolved.
  • Don’t rinse the flowers but sort through the roses removing any bugs.
  • Pull off the petals and remove the white tips.
  • Once the liquid is bubbling add the rose petals and stir well.

Rose petal syrup recipe how to make

  • Simmer for five minutes.
  • Leave the mixture to cool fully.
  • Strain the syrup through a muslin cloth and store the finished product in jars or bottles.

Rose petal syrup recipe how to makes

  • This recipe makes approximately 200 ml or 7 fl oz and it keeps in the fridge for around a month.

This syrup tastes amazing mixed with lemonade, soda, prosecco or even drizzled over ice cream!

Let me know if you make some ?

Love Rachel


Be a social butterfly...