Be a social butterfly...

Someone now knows whether baby Palmer is a little girl or a little boy….can you guess who?  I’ll give you a clue: it’s not a grown up!!

Gender scan pregnancy family

Yes Beth’s the one with the answers and she’s not telling and won’t tell until the weekend when she’s planned a slightly OTT little announcement along with her friends.  But while I wait for what Im sure will feel like the longest 5 days EVER, I’d love to hear what you think?

Here’s today’s scan picture – which a friend has just pointed out, looks like the baby is kissing my tummy.  This of course has made me all emotional lol.

19 week scan baby vintage folly

There are so many old wives tales aren’t there?  How you carry the baby, morning sickness, cravings – everyone has a different one and I’d love to hear yours. I’m going to keep a tally of everyone’s predictions so please leave yours in the comments below.

Love Rachel

Be a social butterfly...