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We’ve been keen to introduce Dottie to music from an early age.  Phill often pulls her high chair up to the piano and she’s a most captive audience to her big sister Beth’s clarinet practice and me…well I just about manage to sing ‘the little green frog’ in tune!   But we noticed that it isn’t just traditional music and songs that appeal to her, it’s all manner of sounds.

If you’ve ever met my baby, you’ll probably be of the impression that she is always content, always smiling and permanent happy.  This is because she loves the sound of people cooing at her and as an outrageously cute baby ;-P, it is what people tend to do.   She loves oh and ooh sounds,  ‘oh aren’t you lovely,’  ‘ooooh what a pretty smile’.  At one point we feared she was a very young Justin Bieber fan, but then we realised it’s simply his love of the oooooh word that she approves of.  Thank goodness!

Dottie laughs at things that you’d expect her to be frightened of, like dogs barking, motorbikes revving or even animals roaring!  Whooshes, wheees and zooms are also favourites – any sound that implies excitement gets her legs jumping, her arms flapping and her little face beaming from ear to ear.  On a recent trip to London, I discovered that even confetti cannons don’t phase her…

rainbow baby confetti…although the confetti itself, she isn’t a huge fan of!

rainbow baby confettiYou might think that we’re raising a future adrenalin junkie, but along with psychologists Caspar Addyman and Lauren Stewart from Goldsmith’s College in London, C&G baby club have discovered that certain sounds seem to appeal to almost all babies.  It turns out that Dottie is not unusual at all – babies like some odd sounds, with 51% of them laughing at sneezes and the most popular sound….BOO!

Dr Addyman explained that while much research has gone into what might sooth or distress babies, this was the first time anyone had set out to discover what makes them happy. Over the course of three months, the team at Goldsmiths ran tests on 50 babies, monitoring their reactions to a variety of noises in their infant laboratory.

C&G baby club then enlisted the help of Grammy Award winning musician Imogen Heap, to take their findings, along with feedback from more than a thousand British parents and create the first scientifically tested piece of music, to make babies happy.  We went down to London to be amongst the first to hear it!

Did you spot us?

Although I was sceptical at first ( I mean – wouldn’t you be?) Dottie reacted straight away.  Her little ears pricked up and she immediately stopped what she was doing and listened.  She was even squealing along with the music by the second chorus!  By the time the celebratory confetti had settled, I was begging for the track’s release date!

What do you think?  Is this the sound of happy?

Why not take a video of your little one listening to the track and we’ll see if they react the same as my little noisemaker..

Listen to the song here:

Love Rachel


Advertorial brought to you by C&G baby club but all words and images are my own

Be a social butterfly...