Be a social butterfly...

January is a strange month.  Why does it seem to have more potential than the other eleven?

I feel at my most with nature in January.  In November I’m looking forward to Christmas, in June I’m looking forward to a holiday.  In January I am looking forward, even longing for that first Crocus bulb to push through the cold soil.

I long for it so much that I can almost hear the birds, almost smell the dampness of new life, almost feel that sense of relief that the darker days are over.  But not yet, not yet.  Winter is still here and it’s time for resolutions.  Everyone has them, whether they admit it or not.

To lose weight?

To exercise more?

To learn a new skill?

To be independent?

Would you like to know what mine is?  My new year’s resolution is to enjoy today.  I’m so busy and so full of ideas and I spend so much time thinking about the next thing that I sometimes neglect to take the time to sit back and look at my amazing life.

I will smell every single flower.

I will sit down more, on chairs that do not face my desk!

I will try to be less impatient!!

I will seek out new people and new experiences…

…and try not to be so fearful of the unknown.

I will laugh…

…and laugh..

..and laugh.

No matter what changes..

..I will remember that I am more than enough woman to change with it.

What is your New Year’s Resolution?

Love Rachel


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Be a social butterfly...