Be a social butterfly...

Today I’ve had one of those awful mornings.  I think we all have them.  It’s cold, you didn’t sleep well, you have alot on your mind, there’s too much to do and no motivation to start it all and to top it all, you have a niggling feeling that you might be coming down with something.

Days like this are horrendous, because they chip through your armour just long enough for all those feeling of self doubt, of worry or regret to seep in to your mindset and make things even worse.  Then usually for me, this is the time when the dog breaks something or I break something or I hear some bad news and bleurgh….there’s no way this day is going to recover.

But it has to recover: I’m a Mum and a wife and I’ve important things to do in both guises today.  We aren’t really allowed too many off days.

I decided to make myself a cup of tea and have something sweet to eat, I even announced it to my friends on good ol’ Facebook.  Only to remember that the dog ate all of yesterday’s cupcakes (oh she still hasn’t been forgiven) and I can’t find my purse to go to the shop.  Even if i could I’m not sure I’m ready to head out into the blizzard that’s going on outside my window unless I really, really have to.

The only good thing about this morning was that I didn’t have any work owing.  I was up to date, which probably explains why our house looks like a blizzard has actually been through it!!

Yes I was feeling sorry for myself very much indeed!!!


The doorbell rang and a parcel was delivered.

I get sent things as review products every now and again, usually books and I usually know when they’re coming, so I was surprised to see this big box.  Fragile….quite.

bahlssen hamper review

Opening it I saw biscuits.  Chocolate biscuits.   And a beautiful pashmina, a lovely door sign, some scrummy rose scented hand cream, a magazine and a gorgeous box of tea leaves.

tea leaves bahlsen blend

I cried, really I did.  It seems soppy as I know that Bahlsen probably wouldn’t be sending me a fab gift were I not a blogger (although they did make it very clear in their little note, that they expected nothing in return), but I really needed this.  It contained every individual thing that I needed!

gift box

I don’t think I’ve ever received such a beautiful parcel and certainly never on a day when it’s contents had almost been specifically requested!  I apprepprciate everything in this box and truly it’s reinforced my belief in karma!

biscuits bahlsen

Bahlsen you have absolutely made my day, made me feel special and appreciated and your chocolate caramel biscuits are as bloomin’ lovely as you are!

Love Rachel


Be a social butterfly...