Be a social butterfly...

You know how when you’re a Mum, you’re meant to be responsible, you’re meant to know everything and you’re meant to keep you’re baby safe.

Well today I failed and it felt awful!

The school run is a bit of a bone of contention in our house.  I don’t drive.  I wish I did, but I can’t due to a condition I have that causes me to faint :-S  So I walk whenever I can and get the bus/train when I can’t.  Phill drops Beth off at school in the morning but the afternoon’s are mine.

There is a bus stop around the corner from our house and it drops off outside Beth’s school.  Perfect right?  Wrong!!!!!

The bus is always late!!  Not a little bit late, not a couple of minutes, I’m talking 20-30 minutes late sometimes and sometimes it just doesn’t turn up.  So most of the time I walk to school (less than 2 miles) and provided it isn’t raining, Beth and I walk back (“oh no Mummy, almost 2 miles!!”).

A little exercise never hurt anyone right?  Wrong again!!!

As I waited for school to finish, the snow began to fall.  Beth came out of school all wrapped up and we made our way to the bus stop.  Then it happened, I made a judgement call.

It was nearly 20 minutes ’til the next bus and as I said it’s often 20 minutes late.  I decided it was safer to walk home in the snow than to wait for 20, 30 maybe 40 minutes in the cold.

So we began to walk…..and the snow got heavier.   So we walked faster and the wind began to blow.  We were now walking (almost!) two miles in blizzard like conditions!

I imagined the people driving past in their cars:

“Look at that mother, making her child walk home in this?!”

“Who would take a little girl out in this sort of weather?”

“How irresponsible!”

I looked at Beth and wondered whether she was thinking the same thing 🙁  Red nose and cheeks, eyes watering, shivering through and through.  My baby looked almost blue and my phone battery had died so that I couldn’t even call anyone.   I wanted to cry.

Just when I thought it couldn’t get any worse, the bus went past right on time….followed by two more buses???

So there was nothing else I could do but take off my own gloves and scarf and try to layer Beth up even more.  We linked arms and ran (well, jogged) the rest of the way, dodging the ice as best we could.

Finally home and warm, we looked outside and saw this…

So after making a very, very bad judgement call and putting my girl in a horrible situation, we are home and dry and warm.  Hot vimto and pyjamas to the rescue.

Motherhood really is just joy and guilt in equal measure isn’t it?

I hope you’re keeping warm!

Love Rachel



Be a social butterfly...