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Bler bler bler.  That’s what I sound like right now, post Dentist appointment and I look mighty attractive aswell with tea dribbled down my top.  TOP TIP: Don’t try to drink a hot cup of tea when your mouth is still numb from anaesthetic!  Why on Earth are wisdom teeth called wisdom teeth??  Seriously mine have turned me into a complete bimbo!  I have been in so much pain that I can barely hear myself think, let alone sleep,  or speak or form an intelligent sentence….it’s been a nightmare.

I think we all know that it is a struggle to find a dentist these days.  I lost my dentist when I moved home and although we managed to find Beth a place, Phill and I were unable to register.  So when my wisdom tooth (which incidentally I had begged my old dentist to remove when it started to come through) began to cause me a lot of pain, I was stuck.

Finally I’ve been ‘placed’ with a local dentist as an emergency and they have agreed to take me on as a patient.  I had some treatment today and have to wait for the tooth to be removed in hospital (because as I had tried to tell my own dentist, it is growing in a very odd way! People should listen to me :-S).  My appointment today was surprisingly pain free but involved drilling and that makes me nervous.  It isn’t the pain I was worried about, it’s the noise.  That noise. that buzzing noise.  I hate it!

Do you know what else makes me act like a bimbo?  Apart from pain, of which I had plenty and painkillers with which I’d become very friendly, nerves make me act like a bimbo too!  So when the dentist was struggling to get to my tooth and asked me to “move the bottom to the left”, did I move my jaw?  No, I moved my actual bottom!!!  Idiot lol.  He and the dental assistant were still chuckling about it when I left!  After my appointment, I handed my fare to the driver and when he asked me where I was going I replied….”home”.  *takes hand, slaps forehead*

Hopefully  the dressing on my wisdom tooth will reduce the pain I’ve been experiencing and actually allow me to get some sleep, preferably without copious amounts of paracetamol.  And hopefully once the anaesthetic has worn off and I can drink without dribbling, I will start to function, like a normal intelligent woman, who can speak without spitting on people and sleep for ore than 3 hours at a time!

Big smiles 😀

Love Rachel


Be a social butterfly...