Be a social butterfly...

Blogging is trouble!!  Well it is isn’t it lol.

I chose not to be an anonymous blogger.  This was firstly because I never dreamt anyone would read what I wrote and secondly because I wanted to show off pictures of my beautiful family!  As time went on I realised it could be a good way of eventually securing my dream writing job, so I was pleased with my decision.

The great thing about blogging is that anyone can read and connect with your words.  Your experiences can offer support, insight and as I’ve learned, even inspiration to other people.    But the trouble with blogging is that ANYONE can read your words lol.  Your opinions, your take on life can cause offence, or give people the wrong impression.  You can never predict how your blog will be recieved.  Once written, you have no control over what happens to or because of your posts.  Thank fully 99% of the reactions I have had have been positive (phew!).

The great thing about blogging is that it broadens your circle of friends immeasurably.  There are people who have been reading Vintage Folly since it’s first month!  Most of these people I have never met, many live thousands of miles away in the US and yet some feel like real friends.  The trouble with blogging is that not all of these people ARE your friends.  I have lost count of the number of posts I have written in tears as though speaking honestly to close friends and then deleted because that simply isn’t the case.  I have to be a little bit careful.  It is easy to forget that although your blog may feel like a journal, it is ON THE INTERNET!  🙂

You have to make a decision very early on about how much you are prepared to share.  At the beginning I made a commitment to myself that VintageFolly would be an outlet for all the good things about me, my creativity, my positivity and my proudest moments.  But over the months that followed I realised that my words could very easily sound contrived, fake even, if I withheld all negativity.  So I shared a little more than I had initially planned, but I’m happy with the balance I have here.

It’s swings and roundabouts with blogging.  There are good bits and bad bits and oftentimes the good bits are also the bad bits!  But there are also funny/amazing/beautiful bits!

Like being stopped in the street by a lady for nearly 15 minutes while she tries to decide where she knows me from, only to receive a message later that day when she remembered it was from Vintage Folly.  There are the private emails you receive, when something you write touches a nerve and a reader feels compelled to thank you for your post.  Like having strangers, or friends I’ve yet to meet, hand sewing bunting for our Wedding Day.  There’s the time your hubby looks at the computer screen aghast and says, ‘Rachel, you’ve had 2000 readers this week, what on Earth!?’  There are days when you find out that your kind readers have nominated you for awards and the thrilling moments when your writing is included in publications!!

I LOVE my blog.  My gorgeous husband built this site for me (potentially because at the time, he was sick of me talking about wedding stuff!) and I think it’s so pretty.  It’s nice to look back at the things I’ve done, thought and made and really fulfilling to get feedback from other people saying it has made them smile.

It’s almost a year since I began this journey and I just want to say thank you.  Thank you, thank you, thank you.  I may not always share my darkest days with you, but on those days it is nice to be distracted by lovely things and lovely people.  You have been with us for a house move, our Wedding and a number of major decisions, some shared and some not.

Your feedback has given me the confidence to pursue a career in writing and if I get there, it will in no small part be thanks to you.

Love Rachel





Be a social butterfly...

  • I’m going through a MAJOR blogging crisis. My blog changed direction slightly, then some “real life” people found it and suddenly, I wasn’t sure what my blog was about anymore. It’s been almost a month since I last wrote anything, so I wrote a brief explanation today and was recommended to come and visit your site and – weirdly – it made me tearful.

    At the beginning, my blog was totally anonymous and over time I let my guard down and included photographs and snippets about my real life. It became completely transparent in the end and my readers stood by me through some really hard times, letting me share things with them that I couldn’t say to my friend’s and family for fear of seeming weak.

    Seeing your blog today has reminded me that my blog used to be my ‘baby’, it was once an extension of me and that – perhaps – is what I need to get that back. Perhaps I need to stop trying to please other people, stop worrying about every little thing and get it back to what it was.

    I’m going to read through as many posts of yours as possible tonight and see whether I think LilliesandLove can be saved. Even not, I know I will be a regular reader of your posts from now on.


    • Rachel

      Like I’ve just said to you on Twitter my lovely…there will always be ‘those people’ out there. I’m sure that some of my readers are ‘haters’ but most of them are most certainly not. They have become my friends and I wouldn’t give them up for the whole World, despite some of my concerns.

      I chose to draw a line at a point where I was comfortable. Beyond that line, I share whatever I like, behind it is too personal or too controversial. my line is where it is mainly because I have a child and so any fall out from a post, falls onto her too. I don’t write when I’m angry and if I really want to, I write on word, so that there’s no chance of accidentally publishing before I’ve calmed down and re-read!

      My advice. Decide whether or not you want to be anonymous. If yes, then remove all pics and share to your hearts content.
      If no, then find where your line is and delete or edit all posts that don’t adhere to it. Have a re-jig and post a pic of your Christmas tree!!!

      Everything looks better with fairy lights.

      I hope you don’t stop blogging. Maybe it’s time for a new name, or layout, to freshen things up. I will definitely be a visitor to yours too.

      Much love