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If you follow me on social media, you’ll already know that the four of us are heading to Just So Festival next month.  I’ve been bursting with excitement about it since I saw this video.

Just So Festival 2016

You glorious gang of adventurers, we only went and did it again… such an unforgettable weekend. Just So spirits were proven to be damp-proof! We just can't wait for next year. Tickets on sale now folks – xxx

Posted by Just So Festival on Wednesday, September 21, 2016

I defy anyone to watch that and not feel their inner child running for their wellies!

This will be our first time at Just So, so I’ve been doing lots of research.  From what I’ve read, this is a festival of imagination, creativity and curiosity all things we try to encourage in our wildlings children.

There’s a little healthy competition involved aswell.  Throughout the weekend festival goers are awarded golden pebbles which go towards their tribe’s total.   We’re invited to join one of the following tribes: stags, owls, foxes, fish, bees, lions and frogs.

We’ve chosen frogs.  Actually we didn’t really have a choice!  Dorothy goes to a signing class called Funbox where the mascot is a frog called Freddie.  She’s a little obsessed with Freddie.  Were we to choose any other tribe, we’d spend the weekend chasing after Dottie as she chases after anyone dressed as a frog.

Yes you read that correctly.  We’ll be dressing as frogs….and pirates….and fairies!  There’s a fairy dinner!  Seriously this festival couldn’t sound more glorious if it tried!

I’ve started on our costumes already but I’ll pop them in another post – you might like to make a few of the bits and pieces yourself.

We’ll be sharing our Just So experience with you live.  But we’d love for you to come along with us (and join Team Frog of course).  There are still a few tickets available here ?

Hope to see you there

love Rachel


Be a social butterfly...