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If you’ve been reading my blogs for a while you’ll know that I love Kilner jars.  I realise that seems like an odd thing to have a ‘thing’ for but they’re so versatile.  Whether you use them to serve food, store ingredients or turn them into gifts, to me they’re just the perfect container.

I know that a lot of people will say that a jar is just a jar but for a vintage lover like me, Kilner’s heritage and classic design have oodles of appeal.   So I was more than happy to take a peek at their pop up store which will be at Rex International in Liverpool until Wednesday.

We were treated to the most delicious Lebanese food from Bakchich, served of course in Kilner jars 🙂 I’m sure it goes without saying that I took mine home haha!

kilner jar lebanese food tabouleh bakchich

kilner jar bakchich tabouleh

bakchich kilner jar pistachio yoghurt

And the delicious treats didn’t stop there because there was chocolate to be personalised…

personalised chocolate cellar

…and even more to be drizzled over freak shakes (made in miniature Kilner jars 🙂 )

kilner jar miniature freak shake chocolate

MMMMmmmmm…freak shakes!


The evening wasn’t all about food.  Aswell as serving up some delicious treats the design team were eager to show us some of the new products they’ve released.   They’ve come a long way from the classic jar and now produce glassware in several shapes, cools and sizes.  But it doesn’t stop there – did you know that Kilner produce coffee grinders?  Butter churners?  Spiralisers??  Me neither, but they do!  They actually have a huge range of products.

kilner range butter churner

While the primary function of most of them is to make or store edibles, as you can see, they can be used for decoration and gifting too.

pickle kilner

candle kilner

kilner candy cane

If you get chance then I absolutely recommend that you pop down to Rex and check out the Kilner Pop Up Store.  You may find one or two Christmas presents and even a couple of items to ask Father Christmas for yourself!  Luckily Rex has it’s own Santa’s Grotto Living Room, so you can let the big man know 🙂

Love Rachel


Be a social butterfly...