Be a social butterfly...

This September I’ve taken on a challenge to take at least 10000 steps every day for 28 days.  I’m being sponsored to do this in aid of Scope who are a Cerebral Palsy Charity.  My kit arrived late so today is my ninth day!

day 1 steptember

As many of you know, my husband’s twin brother Reece has Cerebral Palsy, so this is a charity close to my heart.  Thinking of him has certainly afforded me plenty of motivation even on dark, chilly evenings when I’ve found myself with 3000 steps still to go and all I want to do is put on my PJs and go to bed!

day 2 steptember

10000 steps equals around 6 miles and while some people might think that’s a huge distance, I know that others will laugh it off.  But trust me it hasn’t been easy so far.   It’s not been long since my surgery and since then (and even a little before then) I’d become fairly sedentary.

day 3 steptember

So this challenge is helping others, but it’s helping me too.   Combined with a healthy eating regime that I’ve been on for three weeks, Steptember has already helped me to lose close to a dress size!  If I’m honest with myself, I was probably pushing a size 16 a few weeks ago, now some of my size 14 clothes are starting to feel a little less than fitted.  I’m thrilled but shocked – it goes to show how little changes can add up to a big change!

day 4 steptember

But what’s surprised me most is how lazy I am at weekend.   Monday to Friday, my commute takes care of a good chunk of my daily 10000 and climbing the 12 floors of stairs up to my office instead of taking the lift is helping my numbers too, aswell as I’m sure, my general fitness!  But on Sunday I questioned whether I would even reach the 2000 mark :-S

day 5 steptember

As I write this I’m passed the 86000 steps mark, meaning I’ve walked over 43 miles and burned over 3784 calories, just by putting one foot in front of the other…again and again and again!  This is all very well and good but what I really want to do is raise a little money for Scope.

day 6 steptember

One evening I’d already half got ready for bed.  I’d taken my make up off, shaken out my hair and was lounging on the sofa as the clock ticked.  then I realised I still needed to walk a couple of miles to reach 10000.

day 7 steptember

“Life happens”, Phill said (it had been a very long day) “people will understand, just make it up tomorrow.”  But I didn’t, I pulled on my coat and walked in the dark until I’d done what I promised I would – 10000 steps, every single day.  It isn’t much when you consider the challenges faced by those with Cerebral Palsy…..every single day, is it?  They don’t get a day off because they’ve got alot on their plate?

If you can spare even one £$€ I’d really appreciate it if you would sponsor me.  If you can’t then please spread the word and appreciate that just as much!! 🙂

You can reach my fundraising page here.

Thank you so much,

Love Rachel


PS.  Day 8 was done on an AP on my phone as I forgot my pedometer :-S I’ll post a print screen soon to prove it!




Be a social butterfly...