Be a social butterfly...

Autumn is my favourite season…..until Winter comes and then I will say that it is my favourite…then Spring and so on!  Each season has it’s pros and cons.

Autumn may bring sniffly noses, ruined carpets and rainy day hair tragedies; but it also bring crispy sounds underfoot, sunsets like no other time of the year and warm, comforting food.  Autumn brings my girl’s birthday, Halloween, Bonfire Night and the countdown to Christmas.  There I said it: Christmas!!  It’ll soon be here you know!

If this Summer is anything to go by, then Winter shan’t be the easiest that we’ve weathered.  At our house, we’re battening down the hatches and getting ready to hibernate.  The Summer quilt has been swapped for one so heavy that you can’t roll over in the night, the heating is on (sorry, I tried to hold out for longer) and I’ve planted nearly a hundred bulbs in our garden.

I love bulb planting, it makes me feel so very sensible.  Like a savings account, Im investing these little balls of life to the ground in the hope that come Spring, my garden will be awash with colour…and doesn’t it need it.  Our garden is a right mess.  The grass needs cutting, there are pots waiting to be recycled and the Puppy has brutalised many of my favourite plants.  But i’ve promised myself that this Spring all will be well and beautiful.  This is what I have planted:

Now we have the most appalling soil at our house so who knows if any of these beauties will make it through the Winter but we can but hope!

Have you been squirrelling away flowers for Springtime too?

Love Rachel



Be a social butterfly...