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Do you remember my friend Jennifer?  Affectionately referred to as Gingerbread Jenny in our house and here’s why…

gingerbread Jenny

Well a lot has happened since this picture was taken!  Firstly Jennifer’s had a baby(!), she’s got engaged and she’s now a finalist in Women’s Health Magazine’s Body of the Year competition!!

Having seen how happy and healthy she is and how she’s sharing her tips and advice with the World, I thought I’d ask her to share some of her ideas for a healthier life with all of you.

So for the first time ever, I have a guest writer on my blog!  Ladies and gentlemen, please say hello to Ms Jennifer Prosser….

Jennifer Prosser

**Photo from Women’s Health Magazine**

“Hi I’m Jennifer, fiancé to Gavin and mother to Madison. I try to lead a healthy lifestyle for myself and my family, by eating well and keeping fit. It’s easy to make excuses as life is so hectic work, kids and school runs ….when do we find the time?!   You’ll often find me tensing my bum whilst in a queue at the post office – go on try it now whilst your reading this.

Well done…you did it, you took some time out for you! Why don’t we take time out for ourselves? We are often going out of out way to help others but when do we help ourselves ? Since I found the gym I’ve not only gained confidence and increased fitness, but I’ve also gained a toned bum! I’m not saying hit the gym every day, all day, but small changes really do make such an impact on your health, soul and mind.

Here are some little tips for every day:

  • Take the stairs instead of the lift
  • Change that latte to a coffee
  • Be prepared – carry nuts or health bars so you are not tempted to buy something sweet
  • Experiment with recipes – try parsnip fries instead of potato chips
  • Make more than you need when cooking and hey presto you have lunch for the next day
  • Keep hunger away and try peanut butter on rice cakes which will give you slow release energy
  • Try a new class – perhaps a yoga class to relax and stretch that tension away or a fitness class which is a good way to get fit whilst meeting new friends.


**Photo from Women’s Health Magazine**

Exercising gives you energy and reduces stress, helps you sleep better, and keeps health concerns at bay, while also boosting your self-confidence.

Try these simple exercises at home to get you going

  • Squats
  • Lunges
  • Sit ups
  • Press ups
  • Triceps dips using your chair or the stairs
  • Be a big kid again and heap some skipping ropes or a hula hoop!

By making small changes we can make a big difference. Go on do a little something for you today.

I feel so honoured to be through to the final 5 in Womens Health Magazine’s Body of the Year.  I would love to be given this title and to continue to help inspire and motivate people. Please click here to vote for me. ”


So go on lovelies, give Jennifer your vote.  She deserves it, she really does.  I’m going to be using some of her tips myself – are you?

Love Rachel



Be a social butterfly...