Be a social butterfly...

Good news is brilliant isn’t it?  Generally speaking, most of the mail we get at our house is either junk or bills, but today I got a parcel from the dot com gift shop.   Now I like parcels at the best of times, I like parcels from the dot com gift shop very much indeed but this one I like even more than usual.

Last week they sent me an email saying that I’d been selected as one of their ‘fave bloggers’, which means I join a group of ladies who have scrumptious websites about fabric, food and homes.  You can see the other ‘fave bloggers’ by clicking here.

I was thrilled.  It takes quite alot of effort to keep a site like this going, so it’s nice when someone recognises it and says ‘this right here…this is good.’  But it gets better, they said that for all that hard work they would like to send me a treat 🙂

….and as it’s my birthday on Saturday, they have decided to treat one of you aswell!

This is my what I received and it’s going to come in very useful as I’ve decided to join the Clandestine Cake Club (more about that in another post!).

If you would like to receive one, simply share this post on Facebook and comment below saying what kind of cake you would put in this fabulous retro cake tin.  The winner will be selected at random on Saturday 23rd February at 12 noon UK time.

If you aren’t the lucky one, don’t despair.  Just incase you also deserve a treat, here is a link to the where you can buy the cake tin 🙂

Love Rachel


Be a social butterfly...

  • A lemon drizzle cake would look good in there instead of using a celebrations tin!

  • Any and EVERY type of cake would be perfect in that tin – I can’t pick just one!!!

  • The Aardvark

    My wife’s 1-2-3-4 cake with homemade fudge icing (the Aardvarks birthday cake of choice!)

    I will happily cover shipping across the pond!

  • Hils

    My Lemon cake with Brown sugar topping!

  • I would put an old fashioned Birthday Cake in it. My mother taught me to make it. Its a white cake with walnuts and maraschino cherries in it with a cream cheese frosting! Very Yummy! Terry Nash

  • It’d have to be Red Velvet, to match the colours of the tin!

  • Roxy

    I would put any cake in the tin. I am a sucker for cake. lol

  • Cheryl Moritz

    I’d put in chocolate cake with chocolate icing. Maybe chocolate chips in the cake. And chocolate sprinkles! 😛

  • White cake with Boysenberry layer in the middle and cream cheese icing.

  • tinkie914

    Mary Berry’s chocolate cake with white chocolate cream cheese icing 😀

  • Oooh Coffee and Walnut! Or Devils cake! yummy to cheer me up xx

  • Jo Anna ;)

    I choose coconut! A delightful, layered, glorious coconut cake!

  • Jessica

    Traditional Victoria sponge!!!

  • I’d put in a marble cake even tough it wouldn’t stay there long 😉

  • Definitely a Daffodil Cake: make a batter using a dozen egg whites (angel food), and another batter using the dozen egg yolks, and fold the two together. It is a light and lovely sponge of yellow swirled with white.

  • Yeah, so pleased you have decided to join 🙂 , I would make a classic victoria sponge with homemade jam

  • It would have to be Guinness cake, so dark and rich and chocolatey, mmmmmm…

  • Red velvet cake! Yums!

  • CHOCOLATE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! thats all!

  • Chocolate all the way!

  • Death by Chocolate. Cake!

  • A classic Chocolate cake with chocolate buttercream for me

    Angela – Garden Tea Cakes and Me

  • Nicola t

    My favourite lemon drizzle cake

  • I’d put carrot cake in the yummy tin xxxx

  • Vohn

    I’d spend so long looking lovingly at the tin that I wouldn’t have time to bake any cake!

  • Meteor Vintage

    I would put a coconut cake in the tin. I love coconut cake.

  • I would make a coconut cake to put in the tin. I love coconut cake!

  • Emma B

    Victoria sandwich to start with 🙂 x

  • A chocolate cake lovingly made by my 5 yr old son. He enjoys baking them and I enjoy eating them.