Be a social butterfly...

Sooooo, we’re making a little head way on the unpacking front. The kitchen is done!!  Well almost.  It’s clean and everything is put away but I still have some painting to do and the flooring may need to be changed as I’m not the tidiest decorator :-S but I feel better.

Beth and I are ploughing through the boxes in the dining room and hallway which include several (yes that’s right several) large boxes of Christmas decorations which we are cramming storing in the eaves of the house.  Did I mention that the new house is a dormer bungalow thus rendering it without attic storage space?  No?  *sigh*

xmas christmas crackers

Whilst moving the jingling, jangling boxes of bells, fairy lights and baubles, Beth discovered a load of very squashed old Christmas crackers and promptly decided to snap every single one!

She is now singing Elton John’s “Merry christmas Everyone” (great choice), whilst wearing a silver party hat and throwing a bouncy ball to the dog in between ‘sorting’.   I am typing this whilst pretending to make a drink for our tea/vimto break.  Apparently our break will be accompanied by a short musical performance with a bright green plastic harmonica and…..some hilarious jokes 😀

There goes another one!!!

Please tell me that this is normal?  Actually don’t tell me this is normal, normal is boring lol!!!

By the way, in which country can you not use cash?  The cheque republic!

*face palm*

Love Rachel


Be a social butterfly...