Be a social butterfly...

I love it! I love it! I love Christmas and it’s finally here!

It normally takes alot of pestering to get Phill to take part in decorating the Christmas tree; he isn’t a big fan of the festive season.  But I think that all of mine and Beth’s excitement over the last four years has begun to rub off on him.  This year he actually seemed to enjoy it!!  And I think the tree looks all the better for it, what do you think?

No two decorations are the same.  It’s taken years to collect together all of these little trinkets.  I know some people like a cohesive, colour themed look, but I like a riot of glitter and jewel hues.  Camp as Christmas 🙂

The tree has to be real, the lights have to be a warm white and the star has to be put on last of all, by Beth with a little help from her wonderfully tall step Daddy.

So finally…’s beginning to look alot like Christmas!!  😀

Love Rachel


Be a social butterfly...