Be a social butterfly...

It’s happened…’s actually woken up!  Hello Garden!

Hasn’t the weather just been so abysmal?  On the one day that we had a little bit of sunshine, we crammed ourselves, our friends and my sister and her gang into our little garden and cooked meat over hot coals!!  It was lovely.  This was the calm before the storm…..

….and then the storm arrived in the form of Gracie the dog, Hannah and Elisa our nieces…..

…and a bunch of hungry carnivores the motley crew that we call our friends.

Now a couple of weeks have passed and we haven’t had much sun since.   What we have had is the odd shaft of sunlight, a few warm but grey days and plenty of rain.  And the result?  The garden has come to life 🙂

How exciting is this picture.

My allium, planted in hope and faith several months ago are about to blossom into beautiful lollipops of purple flowers.  The day my alliums flower is my third favourite day in the gardening year.  My second favourite is the day that the first of the daffodils open and my absolute best is the day that my Rachel rose blooms and fills the garden with it’s beautiful scent.  It will be a while yet before I’m smelling roses and sadly the greenfly are already making a stand on my thorny friends.

It isn’t a very big garden but it’s starting to look really lovely, though not quite as lovely as my friend’s new garden.  Rachel and Kristian have just bought a house with the most stunning mature garden.  Look at this….

Yes I am very, very jealous!!!  But today I treated myself to this lilac tree….

….so I feel a bit better ;-P

How is your garden looking?

Love Rachel




Be a social butterfly...