Be a social butterfly...

Our cat has gone missing.  This isn’t a new thing, we have a dog and two cats and both of our feline friends like to wander off occasionally.  But I’m really worried about Poppy.

We haven’t seen her since the Friday before Bonfire night, so thats well over a week now.  She still hadn’t quite forgiven us for getting a dog and was disappearing for the odd day, more and more often and I’m worried that she might have given up on us, or that someone has thought she was a stray or worst of all, that she has been hurt.

Poppy is a small cat, she looks like a kitten and yet she is nine years old!  I remember when we brought her home, Bethany was a toddler and obsessed with cats; every time she saw one she’d shout cat! Cat!  As I took her out of her carrier, Beth offered her a bite of her ice lolly.  Poppy started her life as Tigerlillyl but the name was too long and after a couple of weeks she became Poppy after the Poppy Cat books that Beth loved so much.

This cat is so loyal!  In the years that we’ve had her, we’ve moved so many times, even moving from one side of the country to the other and yet she has always found her way home.  She was hit by a car when she was very small.  She disappeared for a few days and as we had recently moved I was so frightened that she was lost forever.  Then one day she just wandered back into the house and jumped up at Beth to play.  She was fine, absolutely fine, apart from the fact that she was dragging her broken leg behind her!

And so a trip to the vets and hundreds of pounds later, Poppy became bionic Poppy and came home to us with a collar and a newly mended hind leg.  Since then she has been a little timid.  Quite unlike our other cat Rocky, who will snuggle up to each and every visitor that walks through the door, Poppy is a little more reserved with her affection.  But that just means that when she does come and pay your lap a visit, you feel ‘chosen’.

I know I shouldn’t have a favourite pet but I do and it’s Poppy; but her favourite human is Beth.  She would guard her as she slept, sleeping in her doorway every night and if ever we couldn’t find her, we’d looked in Bethany’s bedroom.

She’s beautiful and I miss her so much.  I’ve had her almost as long as my daughter!!  She’s been here through ups and downs, my broken hearts and my wedding day; she’s part of the family.

I’m not sure when we ought to give up waiting for her.  I keep expecting her to mince into the house as though she’s never been away, meowing for her dinner.  Every time I hear our neighbour’s dog bark, I look out to the garden, with everything crossed that they’re barking at Poppy.  She used to make a sport of sitting on the fence and annoying local canines!

At first I was expecting her; now I’m just hoping we find out what’s happened to her one way or the other.




Be a social butterfly...