Be a social butterfly...

Ok I’ll admit it, I get bored on long train journeys and call my loved ones for a little bit of company.  I’m not one of those people who shouts down their mobile phone with absolutely no concern for other passengers, but I do get talking sometimes and I do like to talk to other people too.  I’m sure there have been eyes rolled as conversations with other passengers stretch from London to Liverpool, but I think that talking to strangers and stretching those social muscles, is part and parcel of traveling; it’s amazing who you meet on the train.


What I am NOT is a beeper, a ringer, a bumph bumph bumpher, a whoosher, a whooper, a tsk tsk tsk tsker, a zoomer, a boomer, a lalala-er.


In short I turn down the ringer on my mobile, the sounds on my laptop and I don’t listen to music at night club volume!!   It isn’t difficult, or OTT to turn things down when your in a confined space with lots of other people; it’s basic common sense and good manners.   As i write this I have just sat through Bon Jovi’s Greatest Hits (at least the culprit has some taste), Pink’s ‘The Truth About Love’ and the Glee Sountrack, played so loudly that I could every single word.  Goodness knows what condition that girl’s ears are in (oh my, I sound like my Grandma) because it was so loud that it was uncomfortable for me to listen to from three seats away!

This person isn’t unusual.   It seems that every form of public transport has this menace.  A couple of weeks ago I travelled back from London on the coach.  Five hours with the dulcet tones of hindi music from the left and the melody of scream metal from the right :-/ It was a very, VERY long journey. It isn’t often I use headphones these days, but when I do, I always take them out of my ears and check the volume….I don’t want to be part responsible for a glee/jazz/hindi/metal mash up, I want to get from A to B without attracting any hateful glances!

I used to think that it was simply ignorance, that these people didn’t realise that others could hear the noise….until now. I have spent the last hour listening to a grown women’s successes and failures in the thrilling World of…..Candy Crush.  Every kerching, every bing, every wah wah wah; I’ve heard them all and she’s sat next to a stranger.  He’s just staring at her over his broadsheet like she’s from another planet.  Maybe she is!!  How can she, this smartly dressed lady, with a briefcase and manicured nails, not realise that she is being rude?   I find it quite incredible and unbelievably irritating.

So I’m sat here, typing very loudly in protest, as the opening chords to ‘Don’t Stop Believing’ are blasting from my right (she’s ruining that song for me by the way) and infront of me, briefcase lady is crushing candy with the best of them…Kerching!!

But what’s the alternative?  The quiet coach?  No thankyou, I got stuck in there yesterday and it nearly killed me.  If you’ve met me in ‘real life’ then you’ll know that anywhere with the word ‘quiet’ in it’s name is most certainly not the place for me.  You get funny looks for sneezing in there!!

The problem would be solved if members of staff had the authority to say “excuse me you’re being an obnoxious scallywag music is a little loud, everybody hates you right now it’s disturbing other passengers, so SHUT UP would you please lower the volume”.  But they haven’t and even if they did, there are so few staff on the trains now that they just don’t have the time to police things like that.

pin up on train pin curls first class travel virgin Where can I travel cross country, use my phone and the internet and rely on the staff to speak up for my comfort and wellbeing??  Hmmm.

First Class!!  That’s it, I’m supposed to travel everywhere in first class!!  🙂 Problem solved!

Right, so now i just need a pay rise lol.

Love Rachel x

Be a social butterfly...