Be a social butterfly...

….or Fat Tuesday as I’ve heard it called today, is up there with some of my favourite days of the year.

Pancake Day means Spring is coming, it means Easter is coming, it means it’s very nearly my birthday!!!  The ideal topping for pancakes is a subject of some serious debate.  Are you a traditionalist (lemon and sugar)? Are you fruity (Jam or lemon curd)? Are you a fan of savoury pancakes (weird)? Or are you one of those crazy types that piles allsorts of madness atop your circle of yumminess (messy)?

Usually I am a lemon and sugar kind of girl but today I opted for this, which I can confirm IS the perfect pancake topping and henceforth shall be the only way I eat them 🙂 Banana, marshmallow (which melts if your quick!) and chocolate sauce.

Behold the perfect pancake!

Ok so there are other toppings and as there are two pieces of fruit of=n this plate of options I must deduce that Pancakes are good for you ;-P

The only bad thing about Pancake Day is that the day after is…..Lent.  I didn’t ‘give up’ anything last year, I was giving myself a break after a house move and a wedding in quick succession!  So this year I feel I should and who knows, it might help kick start my healthy eating plan?

Whatever you drizzled, sprinkled or buried your pancakes with today, I hope they were delicious and that your frying pan made it through to see another meal.  If your pancakes were rubbish and your frying pan traumatised, here’s another picture of Gracie to make you giggle.

Love Rachel


Be a social butterfly...