Be a social butterfly...

I love blogging (incase you hadn’t realised!).  I find it so cathartic to get my thoughts out of my head and into words.  The process has helped me to make sense of so many complicated emotions such as fears about sharing my Beth when I got married or the pressures of constant baby questions post wedding day.  I take a huge amount of pride in the fact that by sharing my own feelings, I have helped other people and in turn I have found strength in reading about other people’s lives in their blogs.  But despite being a blatant over sharer there are some things that I just don’t talk about on the internet!

Boobs.  Bethany is getting them.  That is as far as I am going to go into that.  My baby is growing up and I feel her adolescence creeping closer and closer every single day.  We have mood swings now, crushes, the odd spot :-O

If I were an anonymous blogger I would tell you everything!!!  I would warn parents of younger children to make the most of early bedtimes, offspring who know less about computers than you do and the days when a lollipop would solve ANY problem.  Because those days are numbered my friends.  One day you’ll be where I am now.  We’re at the stage where Bethany’s classmates could read my posts just as easily as any of you.  So I can’t divulge fully the day to day confusion that we live in: raising a child who often talks like an adult, flounces out of rooms like a teenage diva and yet still likes to be Mummy’s little girl.  Despite the fact that she loves being a big part of this website (she feels she’s something of an internet celebrity ;-P) it just wouldn’t be fair.  She may give her blessing now but I’m sure there will come a day when she takes it back and it’s very hard to take something back once it’s online!!  I feel that as a blogger who proudly writes about her family, I’m constantly walking a fine line between sharing something useful, funny or heartfelt and compromising their privacy.  I think I’ve done a pretty good job of balancing so far, but now, with the onset of ‘teenagerdom’ just around the corner, is no time for complacency.

tightrope quentin blake

I think most bloggers with children probably hit this point.  I’ve searched the internet for blogs about families with teens and pre-teens and there aren’t many at all.  Perhaps they are all sat in darkened rooms rocking back and forth, or perhaps they are unable to gain access to the computer because their child is busy chatting on i-message for hours on end, to friends that she/he has been talking to all day at school?  Reading other people’s posts about their children of various ages, reminds me of a book I used to read to Beth every night when she was little.  We read the book so often that one day, aged three, she sat bolt upright at the table and following the lines with her fingers, she ‘read’ the book out loud from cover to cover.  Her father and I took photographs, called family and friends:  “She’s a genius!!”  Then we realised that she had infact memorised the whole story, word for word.  The book was called Zagazoo.

zagazoo by quentin blake book

In the book, Zagazoo’s parents, George and Bella are over the moon with their beautiful baby boy, until one night he turns into a squawking bird, keeping them awake until goodness knows what time (sound familiar?).  As time goes on, Zagazoo experiences numerous transformations including a baby bull that bounds around and breaks everything, a filthy warthog, a fiery dragon and a bat that only comes out at night….eventually he just gets really hairy and weird.

Zagazoo- hairy creature

Well I can empathise with George and Bella right now.  Not the hairy part of course but I am beginning to see a little bit of all the other creatures in our little angel.  So while I will continue to post pictures of my daughter as she grows more and more beautiful every day, tales of our adventures and the funny things that come out of her mouth…. I may have to keep the details to a minimum out of simple respect for her and the confusing stage in life that she is about to enter into.

beth pulling a freaky face

Although, if she will insist on pulling these funny faces at me, I feel I have a duty to share them with the World 🙂  I really don’t know where she gets it from!!

funny faces


Love Rachel


Be a social butterfly...