Be a social butterfly...

You can make hundreds of plans, you can spend hundreds of pounds, but when it comes to quality time, sometimes the simplest of days are the best.

red apple picnic sunny day

Beth and I spent hours on the park today, in the shade of a tree that I can remember being planted when I was a little girl!  We packed a basket with old fashioned fizzy pop, apples and what we would call ‘posh quiche’ and laid it all out on a patchwork blanket that my Auntie Martina made many many years ago.

toes patch work quilt

It was originally sewn for my cousin, but ended up on my bed when I lived with my Grandma as a teenager.   From there it migrated to Bethany’s bed and now lives in our garden room, on a day bed that our guest’s sleep in when they stay over.  It’s really pretty and I feel very lucky to be the one using it now 🙂

beth with hydraengas willow tree shade sunny day girl

Our day started with a visit to Granny’s (that’s my Grandma).  We ate strawberries and ice cream in the garden and I dead-headed her climbing rose which has just gone wild with all the sunshine that we’ve had recently.  I all but filled her compost bin!  As payment she let me take a couple of stems from her beautiful hydrangea which made our picnic feel extra special.  I think that’s a fair deal 🙂

rache; hudraenga smell basket picnic

It took a while to find the right spot on the park, but once we did, Beth wasted no time spilling her drink all over the blanket lol.   No matter how old she gets, some things just never change.  So our picnic wasn’t quite so relaxed and didn’t look quite as twee as it could have done, as it had what looked suspiciously like a urine stain in the middle of it.  But with a little careful positioning, we managed.  Let it never be said that Beth and I aren’t committed when it comes to picnicking!

apple and quiche higgidy pies

picnic eating

I’ve just noticed how those flowers look like a love heart behind Beth 🙂

laugh mother and daughter happy

Beth seemed so happy to just be ‘hanging out’ with me.  I often worry that I’m the sensible, boring parent who says no to things and isn’t allowed to ride on roller coasters; but my girl gives me these moments of brilliance when I realise that those things don’t really matter.  She knows that above all else, I love her and want what’s best for her every single day and guess what….she still thinks I’m quite funny!

rose lemonade

mummy kissing beth daughter

As people passed us Beth commented that they must be thinking “oh I wish we had thought of having a picnic today”.  She smiled into the sunshine and suddenly looked like a very beautiful, very grown up young lady……then she let out the most almighty burp that made all the birds fly out of the tree!!  Apparently this ‘Fentiman stuff’ should be called ‘burp maker’!

sleepy beth

It’s tiring stuff being this burpy lol!

beth daughter kissing mummy

Thank goodness for days like this.  I even got a kiss at the end of it 🙂

I hope you’re enjoying the sunshine too.

Love Rachel


PS.  Higgidy Pies sent me a voucher so that we could try out and review some of their products.  We’ve now tasted all three quiche flavours; spinach, bacon and balsamic onion.  I think by far the best flavour was the balsamic onion one that we ate today.  The products aren’t as readily available as I would expect, I had to visit three different stores to find some and they aren’t cheap: they are at a higher price point that the ‘finest’ or ‘best’ range of most supermarkets.

higgidy pies quiche caramelised onion

I do think we’ll buy them again though, (particularly this flavour ) as they are really good.  The spinach quiche in particular looks really impressive once you remove it from the box and as Beth pointed out, the packaging is quite nice so it ‘looks good in your picnic basket’!

The quiches contain ALOT of topping and are really rich in taste.  This didn’t really suit Beth’s pallet but Phill, who is a quiche fanatic, was a big fan!


Be a social butterfly...