Be a social butterfly...

I fully expected Phill to disapprove of me buying a second hand guitar for Beth.  Not because he doesn’t like musical instruments (Phill really encourages Beth musically and plays piano beautifully) but because he thinks second hand instruments are rubbish.  He believes they cost more in repairs and reconditioning then a new item and oftentimes he’s been right in the past.

I bought it anyway because she has been talking about learning to play guitar none stop for months and it was a really good price.

Nevertheless I was ready to debate the issue when Phill came  home.

So I was all ‘ahhhh’ and ‘how sweet’ when I walked in to see him sat, hair dishevelled, tie to one side tuning it up for her 🙂

phill guitar tuning

He still thinks it’s a bit rubbish as the G-string just wont tune properly, but if it really is a lost cause, we can always decoupage it and hang it on her wall.

Love Rachel


Be a social butterfly...