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Here we go!  I turned my head slightly to hide a crazy break out and I think that the lighting and filthy iphone camera lens may actually have done me some favours….but here’s my makeup free selfie.

bare faced selfie no make up

Anyone who knows anything about me knows that I hate my skin!  I have eczema and  acne like a teenager and I’ve always had dark circles around my eyes.  So this is a bit :-S for me.  In the past I would have ignored the postman ringing the doorbell rather than accept a delivery without my war paint on!  But as the years go by, I care less and less about what people think (not exclusively post men!).

The #nomakeupselfie campaign has had a mixed reaction.  Some people have mocked it, questioned it, complained about it.  Here’s a few quotes from my own facebook timeline today.

“Ladies put your lippy back on….nasty”

“This is why I turn the lights out #Monsters”

“My whole timeline looks like an episode of the walking dead”

and one of my personal favourites….

sloth girls be like thanks for the nomination meme

I don’t understand the nastiness.  I love make up, not just for it’s camouflage magic but for it’s colour and texture and how it allows me to express myself…..but am I wearing it by choice or have I just been acutely aware of how distasteful the world finds a naked female face?  The ‘put your lippy back on’ attitude is everywhere but it’s actually quite serious.  Imagine a woman turning up to a meeting with a bare face, the client would think she just hadn’t made an effort.  Is that fair?

I think it’s time we question a society that believes  we have to hide our faces behind products to be accepted.  All this time I thought I wore make up out of choice, but maybe not?

Some people questioned the validity of the ‘support’ asking why women didn’t just donate rather than ‘subjecting’ everyone to their bare faces.  I have never met a woman who would deny a donation to a breast cancer charity.  It’s wrong to assume that women think that one selfie amounts to them ‘doing their bit’.  It doesn’t have to be either/or, you can donate money and take part in these mass displays of support aswell.  I think it’s the support that’s the point and it’s being missed by many.

The sisterhood takes a regular bashing!  Women are forced to compete with each other all the time and bitchiness often ensues.  These awareness campaigns, aswell as making breast cancer the topic of conversation in offices, coffee mornings and commuter trains up and down the country, bring women together.  We don’t get that very often.  We come together and in our own way we show our support for those of us who are fighting the good fight against cancer.  We do it in funny ways with bra colours or where we left our handbag or in this case, we let ourselves be bare faced, naked of our masks.  Vulnerable.  We do it because we’ll do whatever we think might help and if it does help, if it does make one cancer fighter smile, then it’s worth it.

So bore off #nomakeupselfie haters.  We might not look great without our make up but your nastiness is far uglier!

Bare naked face ladies…I salute you 🙂

TEXT BEAT TO 70099 to donate £3 to Cancer Research

Love Rachel


PS  Thanks to Kat for the nomination 🙂

Be a social butterfly...

  • Laura Rocksteady

    I think you look great and personally I think anything that helps raise awareness and funds for such an amazing charity, no matter how strange the idea is is a great thing 🙂

    Lovely post
    Laura x

    • VintageFolly

      Thanks Laura I appreciate it :-

  • Nayna Kanabar

    I think this is a great way to raise money for good cause and looking natural is best.I hate war paint anyway.

    • VintageFolly

      Aww I love a bit of war paint haha! Xx

  • I completely agree with you, and it’s a very interesting point that you brought up. I’ve always thought I’m wearing makeup for myself, and often make comments when I haven’t got as much on that I haven’t ‘bothered’ that morning, but now I realise that maybe society has made me believe I MUST wear it. Very interesting.
    Due to all the nastiness on Facebook/Twitter, I haven’t got involved but you do look absolutely beautiful without makeup!

    • VintageFolly

      It’s frightening really and this whole campaign has really brought to light how much women are judged 🙁

  • Rachel Coggin

    I often get asked if I’m tired or ill if I don’t put my make up on, and regularly get asked by girls on nights out if I couldn’t be bothered putting my fake tan on. The fact is I love being pale and I also enjoy the odd day with no or very little make up. I think it’s a great way to raise awareness of cancer, it’s undeniable everyone is talking about it much more this week than they were last week!

    • VintageFolly

      It’s shocking really. I can’t believe someone asked if you just couldn’t be bothered to fake tan!?
      The time it takes me to get ready for work compared to Mr P is annoying. He gets a lie in because if I went to work without my hair and make up done I’d probably be asked if I was unwell??

  • Sara

    No the reason I hate the ‘no make up selfie’ craze is as follows:

    1) The majority of people I’ve seen posting don’t even mention charity donations, it just seems an excuse to post a photo of themselves and await compliments on how great they look without make-up.
    2) It’s frankly depressing that in this day and age that for women posting a photo of yourself without make-up is seen as a heroic act. I’m sure the suffragettes will be proud at how far we’ve come.

    3) And probably most significantly, it’s the ‘united in bravery’ aspect that annoys me the most. As far as I’m concerned saying you have some insight into what a cancer sufferer goes through because you were ‘brave’ enough to post a photo without make-up is like saying you know what it’s like to be hungry and homeless because you had a late lunch. I actually find it quite offensive.

    • VintageFolly

      Sara whilst you’re entitled to your opinion this comment doesn’t really respond to my post?
      1. I included information about donating and I believe most people have?

      2. I think it’s clear from my post that I too think it’s depressing that not wearing make up is seen as ‘brave’. It’s worrying and I suspect it is a reflection of the society we live in that thinks it’s ok to mock and criticise the looks of women if they don’t wear make up.

      3. I don’t suggest and believe me would not dream of suggesting that not wearing make up is in any way comparable to living with breast cancer. That’s quite a ridiculous thing to say.

      So while appreciate you taking the time to comment, I’m not sure why you’ve taken such an objection to my post.

      • Rachelradiostar

        I agree Sara. I think it’s just a bit of fun and if it’s raising money, then so be it. I posted on twitter about how this has raised £2million from out of nowhere really and how amazing it was. Some bloke tweeted back how the directors of the charity would love this for the raise they’d be able to award themselves. Ugh. Really? I replied that it’s a good job we are all different. He replied he is choosy who he gives money to and never gives to big charities. I asked him to lend me a tenner and hoped that he’d never have to be treated with the medication etc that research paid for by me. My little £3 could save his life.

        No reply!!

        While I don’t think we really need anymore ‘awareness’ as such for breast cancer – other cancers are available… ( I did it for my little nephew who has a rare childhood cancer in his eyes ) … ANYTHING which gets money and publicity and support is a good thing.
        I never wear make up because I’m too lazy to take it off again, but my wrinkles and all pic is up there on my fb with all the rest of the fantastic women who wanted to stand up and say I did my bit. Speaking of bits, I’ve seen some alarming pics

        • Rachelradiostar

          ….of blokes just wearing one sock as their version of what us wimmin did! Who cares? These charities need the money to spend on finding a cure. The more the better! Sorry for the rambly words!

          • VintageFolly

            I know someone who just wore a glove and it wasn’t a very big glove given the size if his…..hands lol