Be a social butterfly...

In my life I have been both a mere slip of a thing….


..and a creature of positively Rubenesque proportions….


I should point out that I have spent most of my life as the former and that whilst this photo with my daughter and youngest niece Hannah should have filled me with joy, I was devastated by it.  I don’t think I look huge or grotesque, I just do not look like me.

I have lost a substantial amount of weight since this photograph was taken.  I don’t know how much as I was too frightened to weigh myself (!) but I know that my clothes feel very different indeed.  Since the day I plucked up the courage to step on the scales I have lost 9lb.

My Wedding dress was bought 2 sizes too small, as apparently I was convinced that my body would magically bounce back to where it was comfortable, a small size 10.  Suffice to say, this has not happened!

Today therefore is the first day of Project Wedding Dress.

I need to be a comfortable size 10 to look good in my beautiful dress and I want to be a decent size 10 again, because that is the weight at which I feel the most comfortable.

So as of today I give you all permission to chastise me for the following :

  • eating of cake on a day not deemed to be celebratory
  • dodging my daily exercise routine (s)
  • drinking of wine when not in a Restaurant or on a night-out where drinking is part and parcel of aforementioned night-out
  • continuing my unhealthy relationship with bread
  • eating Brie
  • not drinking enough H20
  • hiding from the Tuesday morning weigh in
  • moaning
You can check on my progress  aswell.
I’m trusting you all…don’t let me down 😉

Be a social butterfly...

  • maggie

    Love you whatever… But understand whole heartedly…. So… I’m with you all the way!! Hmmm…fun things to dl instead of all the above whilst losing weight…
    •Bike riding (but first you need your bike! Lol)
    •Wii just dance nights (even though I am horrific! But you can lose pounds by laughing at me!)
    •Walks (like the one we did for charity)
    •Erm…trampolening.. Ooh that’d be ace!! Who has big one!!??)
    • Lets get a hobby.. Like climbing… Good looking men do these too (for me of course.. Don’t worry phill!)
    •Swimming.. No funny comment here!
    •Oh and nights out dancing the pounds away!! (although we have to drink low calorie drinks or we’re missing the point! He he)
    Will have a think for more… But what should we do first?? Xx

    • Rachel

      Maggie don’t you dare lose weight! You FIT your bridesmaids dress a!!
      Like the sound of all of that …once my ankle is better – shouldn’t have worn six inch heels on the school run! lol