Be a social butterfly...

In my life I have been both a mere slip of a thing….


..and a creature of positively Rubenesque proportions….


I should point out that I have spent most of my life as the former and that whilst this photo with my daughter and youngest niece Hannah should have filled me with joy, I was devastated by it.  I don’t think I look huge or grotesque, I just do not look like me.

I have lost a substantial amount of weight since this photograph was taken.  I don’t know how much as I was too frightened to weigh myself (!) but I know that my clothes feel very different indeed.  Since the day I plucked up the courage to step on the scales I have lost 9lb.

My Wedding dress was bought 2 sizes too small, as apparently I was convinced that my body would magically bounce back to where it was comfortable, a small size 10.  Suffice to say, this has not happened!

Today therefore is the first day of Project Wedding Dress.

I need to be a comfortable size 10 to look good in my beautiful dress and I want to be a decent size 10 again, because that is the weight at which I feel the most comfortable.

So as of today I give you all permission to chastise me for the following :

  • eating of cake on a day not deemed to be celebratory
  • dodging my daily exercise routine (s)
  • drinking of wine when not in a Restaurant or on a night-out where drinking is part and parcel of aforementioned night-out
  • continuing my unhealthy relationship with bread
  • eating Brie
  • not drinking enough H20
  • hiding from the Tuesday morning weigh in
  • moaning
You can check on my progress  aswell.
I’m trusting you all…don’t let me down 😉

Be a social butterfly...